Tartle Best Data Marketplace
Tartle Best Data Marketplace
Tartle Best Data Marketplace
Tartle Best Data Marketplace

A Secure Global Marketplace for Data.

Offering consumers the ability to control and monetize their data, and enterprises the ability to source global zero & first party complete consumer profiles directly from the data consumers. TARTLE is committed to bringing balance to global data ownership through state-of-the-art data encryption and marketplace technologies offering enterprises and consumer unrivaled ethical data transactions.

Discover the Power of TARTLE Data

Take control of your zero & first party data in this coming cookieless future

 The average yearly  
 cost companies  
 suffer due to poor  
 data quality is around  
  $14 million per year  

Source: Gartner Research

Elevate Your ROI: Harness the Power of First & Zero Party Data

In today's data-driven world, Fortune 500 companies and small-to-medium businesses (SMBs) often find themselves grappling with inadequate technology and data strategies, preventing them from fully leveraging the immense potential of big data. Third party resources might offer temporary relief, but they come with their own drawbacks in terms of cost, quality, and precision.

Harness Exclusive Zero & First Party Data to Craft Precise and Meaningful Customized Experiences

Today's customers crave tailor-made bespoke experiences that cater precisely to their desires, necessities, and goals - steering clear of outdated, aggregated data sourced from non-consensual third-party databases.

Zero-Party Data — Forrester Defines it as "Data that a customer intentionally and proactively shares with a brand, which can include preference center data, purchase intentions, personal context, and how the individual wants the brand to recognize her."

Why TARTLE Data is more important than ever?

TARTLE'S team of engineers and data scientists created a platform that does the hard work to make sure your data is ethical, secure, and reliably
ready to use. Schedule a call with us.

Here's what you can expect:

• Rest assured our retail and consumer product industry data teams work with the world’s leading brands.

• Our data experts will work with you to
understand your current consumer strategies and
use cases.

• Through a personalized call, our consumer data solutions team will figure out the best-fit strategy for your business needs.

• We will help you build a simple, scalable bespoke solution at speed for any complex data requirement.

Create a Complete Consumer Profile

Problem:  Your clients, interacting across websites, apps, and various touchpoints, are often represented by multiple anonymous profiles.

Solution:  TARTLE Marketplace unifies these profiles with consent, offering a more comprehensive insight into the driving factors behind customer behavior across channels, devices, and platforms. We educate, inquire, and seamlessly integrate these elements to create the TARTLEComplete Consumer Profile

Connect the Dots on Attribution

Leverage TARTLE's data-driven insights to optimize your budget and resource allocation. Gain a deeper understanding of how individual data points in the customer journey impact conversion rates. This empowers you to effectively analyze attribution, explore the impact of budget adjustments on digital engagement, and ultimately boost sales.

Advanced Targeting Precision

Elevate Your Online Impact: For enhanced reach and precision targeting, it's time for Fortune 500 companies and SMBs alike to transition from cookie-reliant campaigns to innovative approaches leveraging TARTLE data. By harnessing TARTLE's cross-device and multi-channel consumer identification capabilities, businesses can refine their accuracy and pertinence, minimize ad overspending, and ultimately boost their ROI. Experience the future of digital marketing with TARTLE data.

Precision Mapping the Customer Journey

Empower your enterprise to chart the customer journey by seamlessly incorporating TARTLE Complete Consumer Profile into a unified customer identity resource. Unravel the intricate steps and sequence of your consumers' conversion journey, enabling your business to craft targeted re-engagement strategies. Deliver the perfect message, in the ideal location, and at the most opportune moment to maximize impact and foster lasting connections.

Why Choose Us?

Challenges to Using Zero & First Party Data

Data Integration Between Platforms

Your customer data resides in fractured third-party vendor silos. TARTLE Marketplace solves this by securely and ethically collecting the data in one place.

Identity Settlement and Profile Building

Having a single Complete Consumer Profile makes it easier to communicate With customers at the right time Without wasting marketing dollars or overwhelming them.

Buying Data

Select Your Cohort

Ability to explore additional datasets for respondents that you did not create, eg; purchase the Facebook ids of a subset of participants (Fully supported with hundreds of existing datasets available on the platform)

Source Consumer Data

Ability to filter respondents by custom criteria included in your original dataset, eg; ask a follow up survey to participants who answered that they are less than 50% satisfied with the service provided. (Fully supported through reusable cohort functionality and also by demographic criteria without processing or holding the sensitive data yourself.)

Automated A.I. Analysis

Variety of downstream data functionality including AI-driven analysis and data visualization

Flexible Service & Support Models

What's Your Data Worth?

Key Benefits

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TARTLE is committed to bringing balance to global data ownership through state-of-the-art data encryption and marketplace technologies offering enterprises and consumer unrivaled ethical data transactions.