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Big 7

Great problems require great focus. No one person or business will be able to solve all the issues that we as human beings are faced with. Together, we can focus on what is important and impactful now and deep into the future.

With the right focus, and the right resources channeled to those Data Champions putting in the work on the front lines, will bring about the change we wish to see in the world. Waiting to solve these solvable problems will only hinder our collective evolution, and the challenges we face are all of our responsibility.

We must come together, and take the responsibility individually and as humanity to fix the problems we created through a lack of our own understand of each other, and the planet that supports us. Let’s collect our data, collect our resources, and change our world.

Who Can be Involved

The ability to support causes within the Big 7 are not exclusive to any one person, company, and or nation. We are all needed together in this journey. Whether you want to share your earnings as a data seller with your favorite organizations through the marketplace, or you are looking to list your organization on TARTLE to open up donor access across 222 countries, we are here to help. There is no cost to donate earnings, no money will ever go to TARTLE, and listing your organization is free of charge. Our incentive is prolonging peaceful human existence on this planet, not profits.

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Climate Stability

A. With no climate, there is no life. Our planet and its climate is our life support system. A giant blue ball of interconnected systems all supporting each other floating through space. Earth is a closed system and everything we do has an impact on ourselves, other humans, weather, plants, and animals some time sooner or later.

B. Fighting climate change is fighting nature. A battle, logically; we can never win. Yet, stabilizing our effects on the climate is far more achievable. The Earth needs equilibrium just as much as our bodies do to regulate our internal processes to keep us healthy. So let’s look to those organizations who are bearing the torch of Planetary Stewardship by using truthful data, and effective use of their resources to save what needs saving.

Educational Access

A. Elevating one another through a learn/teach, teach/learn attitude is an asset that no one can take away from us and will never depreciate in value. Knowledge turned into wisdom through applied experience will create a world of understanding ourselves, other human beings, and all things in the universe, which we interact with through mind or body.

B. TARTLE views educational access as a fundamental right of human beings so they may learn and evolve. That means access to resources and opportunities to learn for those who wish to understand, and access to education for all regardless of background. So let’s look at those organizations who are bearing the torch of Educational Stewardship.

Human Rights

A. Human Rights. Seems obvious just to say it, but what is obvious for some is not so obvious for others. As human beings on this planet we all share a common ancestry, and common needs for our own survival as a species. Those fundamental rights that support our evolution and understanding of other-selves are sometimes overlooked, or woefully restricted by regimes or anti-logic.

B. As much as TARTLE sees data ownership as a human right, like having rights to our own thoughts and emotions; there are many others that require great support, and exposure for those who require it most. Humans are in need of the fundamental platform of support to bring stability to their lives. Beyond science, we need to respect the value of what it means to be a human being, and support all who claim their human rights. So let’s look at those organizations that bear the torch of stewardship for Human Rights for people just like you all across the world.

Global Peace

A. Utopia is not something that is impossible, but albeit improbable. We as a collective of Data Champions and humanity as a whole have the responsibility to push probability in our collective favor through a search for understanding among ourselves, respecting the environment and human rights regardless of nationality. Being born on this planet makes you a citizen of Earth. A great common thread that interlinks us all, but our history has shown that we try to tear the fabric that binds us because of a lack of shared understanding and respect for one another.  

B. Our past as a species must be reconciled and learned from so that we do not make the same mistakes that we are all collectively responsible for moving into our near future. Global Peace calls for the next step in humanity’s evolution, and there are great Stewards of Peace that require our support just as much as we need theirs.

Public Health

A. With limited space, rising ocean levels, and an expanding species on a trajectory to 8 billion, the confines of our planet limits us to certain habitable zones. That means more people needing space to live a normal healthy life. When we reach great limits it will pose special challenges to our species for dealing with our collective health of body and mind. We have seen in our history the effects of interaction among our thoughts and societal structures that allows for the transmission of seen and unseen forces that challenge our survival.

B. Maintenance and enhancement of practices or measures for our public health are a responsibility we all need to share in as we all share this terrestrial home. Clean water, clean air, access to medical resources, and cures for life threatening illnesses are becoming more important than ever. Time, attention, and ingenuity will bring great promise for long and healthy lives. So let’s look to those who bear the torch as Stewards of Public Health.

Government & Corporate Transparency

A. Corporations and Governments are the great resources holders of this world. Their goods, services, and systems are used, enjoyed, criticized, and abused with great regularity. The responsibility as resource holders are to afford clarity into their practices and errors. Corporations and Governments are fueled by the labor of human beings across the globe who support these authorities to practice with highest level of morals, ethics, and integrity. Often, this value sent upstream to the resource holders lacks reciprocation to those who support their systems.  

B. Knowledge and a clear path of action for great prosperity for all is difficult, if not impossible if the water which we all reside in stay muddied and lack clarity. The sharing of knowledge is a measure of respect to those who look to governments and corporations as the leaders of the human collective. Let us all wade in the crystal clear waters of transparency with the torchbearers of truth.

Economic Equalization

A. Hard work and opportunity have been the seeds that sowed great economies and civilizations throughout Earth’s history. The concentration of such growth from those seeds have been in nations of the world that foster the opportunities for their citizens. As the nation itself has learned to harvest the fruits of its labor from the welltended crop of opportunity, many fertile lands have been missed or left undervalued by other nations.  

B. This does not exclude the ones who boast success of their economies either, because there are still great disparities in access to such fertile fields that human beings yearn to sow the seeds of their own work. A great wanting for evolution in material needs and wants well earned through their own efforts. Economic equalization is a cause that stands for the right to opportunity. A right to participation, and growth through the interaction of one’s own work in the world’s economic systems. So let’s support those who have stood up for us to support ourselves.
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