Data Privacy Issues

What does it do?

How TARTLE solves the problem

UTM (Urchin Tracking Monitor)This nasty little piece of code was designed in the early 2000’s and soon after acquired by Google. It serves as a base for every piece of data that is collected on you. A little webpage monster that tracks the lifecycle of you on the internet as you move page to page. Building a profile of your behaviors, timing, location, sentiments, and preferences. With all this information being collected it gets passed off for sale to the ‘Data Brokers’. Next time your on a website look for the [/?utm] in the web address. You’ll know you’re being tracked.Lucky for you, TARTLE employs a military grade encryption system (AES-256 bit) through the application. That way when you are using your devices to access the web, we make you invisible by encrypting all internet traffic through a massive virtual private network (VPN). This keeps your information safe, and you emotionally secure knowing your information can’t be used until you say so. Side note: As it currently stands, there isn’t enough computational power on the planet to hack just one line of information. Good news for you! Say bye bye to those Urchins.
Data BrokersData brokers are everywhere. (Yuck!) They are groups of institutions, large and small that acquire all these various profiles of you. Including your personal information, call center logs when you needed help, how you got where you are, and predicting where you’re going, who you’re connected to, and then compile these huge databases to auction-off your information at ridiculous prices to willing buyers (other big companies). Why would they do that you ask? Because they are trying to figure out ways to analyze your behaviors to deliver endless products, services, and advertisements to keep you spending and under their watchful eye! Selling your information without asking or informing you means they get more than one revenue stream and you are paying double when you didn’t even know it!Here is where things get good. We here at TARTLE couldn’t sleep knowing that you weren’t making a buck off your own data. Now, for the first time ever; you can broker your own data! Using the TARTLE app for iOS, allows users to consolidate their digital identity down into an infinite number of identity packets. That means everything has a value to it, no matter how big or small. Then you’ll begin to receive notifications that willing bidders on the other side are looking to purchase pieces of your data. You can then choose to accept the bid at the price you like or let it go. (All the power to you!) Just remember, its first come first serve. The hardest part for you is figuring out how to spend all that value you never knew you had. So, say bye bye to those Data Brokers, and hello to the future of the internet and your data!
UserAgent / Fingerprinting IdentifierYou like everyone else have a unique identifier, like a fingerprint, that’s only yours and no two are alike. So each time you access anything through the internet, its like you put your hands on a surface leaving your prints everywhere at a crime scene. Whereever you go, those fingerprints always trace back to you. So, each computer and device is unique, and never changes. That means those devious information stealers on the internet can track you for the lifetime of your device the moment its online. Even if you only leave a partial fingerprint one place, a partial print everywhere quickly adds up to a whole.TARTLE has designed a unique and highly secure browsing system that runs through the military grade encrypted TARTLE VPN network. The browsers generates a whole new generic fingerprint. This means the uniqueness of what was once your fingerprint and machine identifier is not generic across the board. Think of it as a giant TARTLE thumbprint that is used to access the web, never your own. That way everyone remains anonymous and outside of those invasive cross tracking computer algorithms. (Its our way of lending a helping hand.)
Evercookie / ZombiecookieIf you thought all the other internet and data privacy issues were nasty, well get a load of this. Evercookies are packets of data that store important profiling information about you. It can be stored on a websites server, or in your own web browser. Every server and browser saves a little bit of space (like school locker or deposit box) so that they can always remember you, a credit card, address, etc. Albeit the space is small, its holds enough information to always make sure it can identify you and save that information you put on the internet. When you go to clear, deny, or delete the evil bakery good they find the means to bring themselves back from the dead like a zombie (hence the zombiecookie).At TARTLE we know its hard to get rid of something that’s already dead. It’s the real life digital version of a horror film we live in every day. TARTLE’s web browsing system notifies you if a website is looking to store your information and rather than store data that cant be deleted like most other popular browser, TARTLE doesn’t allow the cookies to copy themselves like a plague on your machine. Stoping the spread and storage altogether. The only thing you’ll store on your TARTLE browser is the antidote to the Zombiecookie.
TARTLE™ is not backed by:TARTLE™ is backed by:
  • CIA
  • NSA
  • Homeland Security
  • FBI
  • Google
  • Facebook
  • Microsoft
  • Big Banks
  • Anonymous Federal Entities
  • Accounts in the Cayman Islands
  • Anyone that’s ever ripped you off
  • Hypocrites
  • Hard Working Americans
  • Deep Passions for Privacy
  • Years of constructed thought
  • Strong Morals
  • Hard earned money that never came easy
  • People that care beyond themselves
  • Reasonable Business Principles
  • Reasonable Business Practices
  • Reasonable People
  • Reasonable Decisions
  • Trust