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Empowering and Protecting the Digital Identity
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How TARTLE Works

TARTLE brings together anonymous parties in a powerful exchange of source data for digital currency.
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How the world interacts with data is changing. TARTLE is pioneering how we elevate our control and understanding of Digital Identities.
Mobile Web AppLink your social profiles, & sell your data packets anonymously for cryptocurrency.
Desktop & Tablet TerminalBid for Data Packets across the globe. Get the answers you need.
TARTLE Global VPNGain access to a military-grade Virtual Private Network (VPN) and surf the web like a ghost.

Data Buyers

Accessing and analyzing Source Data of Digital Identities is what makes research become reality, business decisions bulletproof, marketing initiatives effective, stock trades favorable, and political campaigns more promising.

Zero-sum is history. TARTLE - the world's first win-win.
The Data You Want, When You Want ItHow much, how often, and for how long.
No More Data BrokersBid the price that you want.
Clean Source Data.CSV - Analysis ready data
Straight from the SourceDirect from the people who create it across the globe. No more guessing.
Design your Data PacketsCant find what you need? - Create it.
No More Limitations on DataEach transaction is an agreement. Use the data how you want without typical information risk.

Empowering & Protecting the Digital Identity

Sovereignty over your data and your Digital Identity is your right. At TARTLE we are all in when it comes to empowering and protecting whats yours..
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User Control
Accepts bids for your data and sell it when you want to.
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With TARTLE's Global VPN your internet traffic is safe
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No names are used in the system so all data starts even
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Designed from the core to protect the Digital Identity

Source Data Journey

The TARTLE Exchange brings together the best of user-power symmetry and incentives to create a universal tool for Source Data transfers on the internet.

Source Data Team

TARTLE's mission is to transform the World into a co-creative, fully informed civilization by making Source information accessible to anyone on the internet.
Alex Headshot 1

Alexander McCaig

Source Data Pioneer & Co-Founder

Jonathan Headshot 2

Jonathan Shelon

Head Advisor & Co-Founder

Data Buyer Use Cases

Curious on how to apply the data to your research and business decisions?
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