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Empowering and Protecting the Digital Identity
TARTLE is a Global Source Data Marketplace

How TARTLE Works

TARTLE brings together anonymous parties in a powerful exchange of Source Data for digital currency.
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How the world interacts with data is changing. TARTLE is pioneering how we elevate our control, ownership, and understanding of our data.
Mobile Web AppLink your social profiles and sell your data packets anonymously for cryptocurrency.
Desktop & Tablet TerminalBid for Data Packets across the globe. Get the answers you need.

Data Buyers

Accessing and analyzing Source Data of Digital Identities is what makes research become reality, business decisions bulletproof, marketing initiatives effective, stock trades favorable, and political campaigns more promising.

Zero-sum is history. TARTLE - the world's first win-win.
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The data you want from locales that are close to home and as remote as an island.
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Data Packets
An infinitesimally growing market with incredibly granular data from healthcare records to personal weekly behaviors.
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Transactions to Date
Our users are ready and willing to share their data at the right price.
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Can't find the data you want? Design the packets to get the information you need at no cost, ever.
The Data You Want, When You Want ItHow much, how often, and for how long.
No More Data BrokersBid the price that you want for th custom data you need.
Clean Source Data.CSV - Analysis ready data
Straight from the SourceDirect from the people who create it across the globe. No more guessing.
Design your Data PacketsCant find what you need? - Create it with a bespoke marketplace.
No More Limitations on DataEach transaction is an agreement. Use the data how you want without typical information risk.

Empowering & Protecting the Digital Identity

Sovereignty over your data and your Digital Identity is your right. At TARTLE we are all in when it comes to empowering and protecting what's rightfully yours.
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User Control
Take ownership of your data and sell it when you want to. 0 seller fees | 100% Profit
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No names are used in the system so all data starts even, and paired with the power of bitcoin, it's privacy at the highest level.
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Designed from the core to protect the Digital Identity with an architecture to maintain marketplace balance and inclusiveness.

Source Data Journey

The TARTLE Exchange brings together the best of user-power symmetry and incentives to create a universal tool for Source Data transfers on the internet.

Source Data Team

TARTLE's mission is to transform the World into a co-creative, fully informed civilization by making Source information accessible to anyone on the internet.
Alex Headshot 1

Alexander McCaig

Source Data Pioneer & Co-Founder

Cody Eilar Headshot

Cody Eilar

Technology Advisor

Greg Crowell Headshot

Greg Crowell

Finance Advisor

Christine Cassel Headshot

Christine Cassel

Healthcare Advisor

Jonathan Headshot 2

Jonathan Shelon


Amanda Giannini Headshot

Amanda Giannini

Strategic Advisor

Travis Kellerman Headshot

Travis Kellerman

Futurist Advisor

Jason Rigby

Jason Rigby

Conscious Marketing Pioneer

Data Buyer Use Cases

Curious on how to apply the data to your research and business decisions?
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What the world is saying about TARTLE

Love the idea that I can get paid for my data, Shopping online, using social media, and all together remain anonymous. It was super simple to sign up and easy.

Anonymous Seller

Unbelievably impressed with Tartle and its owner's responsiveness to questions and concerns. There is absolutely no downside in signing up for this and creating an account for free to receive money for information that companies are already taking from you. This is definitely the future of data.

Anonymous Seller

Tartle is at the forefront of data ownership. It is the only place in the world where you can sell your data instead of letting large corporate enterprises take it from you at will with or without your knowledge. A very safe place to store your identity and sell all of it or any of it to the highest bidder. So easy to do and they are always there to help.

Anonymous Seller

Your mission will dramatically change how healthcare decisions are made because they (healthcare companies) will be able to understand the full life of a patient.

Richard VanNess
Director of Product Development - Tricore Reference Labs

I've been an early adopter of TARTLE and have to say that it has been growing fast. I've enjoyed listening to your podcast as your CEO seems to embody the culture and future of personal data management and ownership. This is an exciting future to know I can make passive income for something that would have otherwise been an afterthought.

Anonymous Seller

Tartle is addressing a huge need that no one thought could ever be addressed... and executing. The ability to monetize our personal data ourselves is a huge step forward to closing the gap between our individual worth and the ever growing corporate powerhouse. Rock on tartle.

Anonymous Seller

A real solution to total data ownership with a Mgmt team that’s laser focused on creating monetary value for your data. Tartle will help you realize your online worth.

Anonymous Seller

I'm getting paid for the data that companies were taking and selling without cutting me in. Having been signed up for a couple weeks, there's absolutely 0 downside to being a part of this. Highly suggest taking control of your data and getting compensated for the value you create on the internet, Tartle will help you do it!

Anonymous Seller

The marketplace puts control back in their hands and monetizes information they, rightfully, should own.

Julia Goldberg
Santa Fe Reporter

Content on digital identity and identity verification is generally bland and boring. Wether it's a video, article, or whitepaper, most content has a better chance of putting me to sleep than piquing my interest. Alexander and the team over at Tartle have put together tons of engaging content. Their knowledge of the market and genuine care for the parties involved (both businesses and individuals) is truly inspiring and refreshing.

Liam King
Digital Identity Specialist - Global Data Consortium

Using TARTLE in more resource challenged countries where, the value to the individual would be greater...and I think can give the local officials or public health people in that country, a tremendous tool that they dont now have for how to prioritize where they put their resources and who really needs help, and what they could do to have to help their populations be more healthy.

Christine Cassel M.D., MACP
Bioethics, AI & ML Healthcare Data Specialist