Tartle Best Data Marketplace
Tartle Best Data Marketplace
Tartle Best Data Marketplace
Tartle Best Data Marketplace

Data-Driven Solutions for Financial Services

A Secure Global Marketplae for Data

TARTLE is the most advanced global real-time human intelligence and
analysis platform for immediate access to your clients to build relationships
through ethically sourced, state-of-the-art encrypted first-party data.
Designed with security in mind for protected financial data and personally
identifiable information (PII), TARTLE also provides tools for visualization
and analysis for intelligence-driven decisions for financial institutions.

Data-Driven Solutions for Financial Services​

Discover the Power of TARTLE Financial Data

Our peer-to-peer approach unlocks zero and first-party data giving you direct access to the most comprehensive financial data across every touchpoint.

  The future of financial services will  
  be contested in five cross-industry  
  competitive arenas. In the next  
  decade, revenues for all these  
  arenas could grow by as much as  
  three to 30 times.  

Source: McKinsey & Company

We Specialize in 360-degree Complete Consumer Profile with Native CRM and CDP Mapping. Furthermore, TARTLE Delivers Comprehensive AI Analysis and Reporting for Immediate Actionable Insights.

Our approach uses ethical zero, first-party, and proprietary data to give you access to the most comprehensive consumer and financial data across all touch points. We deliver unprecedented insights directly to financial institutions. Allowing you to leverage TARTLE data for personalization and stronger client engagement.

We've Built a D2C Infrastructure and Strategy that will Create a Single Source of Truth for your Financial Data.

Access to TARTLE's consumer financial data can inform everything from product development, decisions to targeting market, sales efforts, and even unlock new consumer segments generating new revenue streams and business models. Our state-of-the-art data encryption and marketplace technologies help accelerate innovation and creating data related to both transactions and customer interactions.. In addition, the data can drive the development of artificial intelligence giving financial institutions advance personalization, convenience, and automation capabilities.

Data Has Become Banking's Most Important Commodity.

- Global Banking & Finance Review Article

Why TARTLE Data is More Important Than Ever?

TARTLE's team of engineers and data scientists created a platform that does the hard work to make sure your data is ethical, secure, and reliably ready to use. Schedule a call with us.

Here's what you can expect:

  • Rest assured our financial services industry data teams work with the world’s leading institutions.
  • Our data experts will work with you to understand your current data strategies and use cases.
  • Through a personalized call, our financial services solutions team will figure out the best-fit
    strategy for your business needs.
  • We will help you build a simple, scalable bespoke solution at speed for any complex data requirement.

Create a 360 Degree
Complete Consumer Profile

Problem: Financial Consumers across the web, apps, and other touchpoints are fully identified by multiple anonymous profiles.

Solution: Through consent the TARTLE marketplace combines these profiles to gain a deeper understanding of what motivates clients to act across various channels, devices, and platforms. We educate, ask, and combine them into the TARTLE Complete Consumer Profile.

Customize your Digital Relationships with Zero and First-Party Data

Use the global TARTLE Marketplace to customize your approach to fill product gaps, create digital service experiences, and service options for better client experiences and strengthened business relationships. — all using one integrated platform. Based on these inclusive data insights, you can adapt your channel, your message, and your content to personalize the experience and build data -mediated relationships between consumers at scale.

Don't Just Rely on
Client “Intent” Data

Success depends on using client data to deliver the right content to the right person at the right time. Additionally, in a cookieless future world where access to third-party data is restricted, being able to use zero and first- party data for targeting becomes even more important.

Stay Ahead of Changing
Client Preferences

Clients should be listened to and understood as individuals.
We believe that the only way for financial companies to compete and grow is by adopting a digital system that can speak directly to the client and respond in a personalized way. This might involve bespoke pricing, matching life needs with services, or providing insights to boost financial well-being.

Why Choose Us?

TARTLE is a scalable data marketplace that delivers unprecedented real-time insights about your brand, products, competitors, and trends directly from existing and new consumers.

Data Integration Across Platforms

Consumers actively integrate their outside data accounts in secure data vaults, solving the industry issue of siloed financial data. Financial intuitions can gain a competitive advantage by recognizing and anticipating new business ventures as well as retain and acquire new clients.

Identity Settlement and Profile Building

Having a Complete Consumer Profile makes it easier to communicate with clients at the right time without wasting advertising dollars and help detect fraud, expand credit decisions, improve collection strategies, forecast liquidity needs, mitigate risks and decrease costs.

Who We Serve

Commercial Banks
Credit Card Companies
Credit Unions
Currency Exchange Services
Custodian Banks
Family Offices
Finance Companies
Financial Cooperatives
Financial Markets
Hedge Funds
Holding Companies
Insurance Brokers
Insurance Companies
Insurance Underwriters
Internet Banks
Investment Banks
Investment Funds
Investment Management
Investment Trusts
Mortgage Companies
Mutual Funds
Payment Processors
Pension Funds
Private Banking
Private Equity
Rating & Credit Agencies
Real Estate Companies
Reinsurance Retail Banks
Savings and Loan (S&L) Associations
State Banks
Tax and Accounting Firms
Venture Capital
Wholesale Banking

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