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Tartle Best Data Marketplace
Tartle Best Data Marketplace
Tartle Best Data Marketplace

TARTLE Complete Consumer Profile Revolutionizing Zero & First Party Data with Comprehensive Insights and Ethical Practices

Discover the Power of 360-Degree Complete Consumer Profile, Native CRM and CDP Mapping, and AI-driven Analysis for Immediate Actionable Insights

At TARTLE, we specialize in creating a holistic understanding of your consumers through our Complete Consumer Profile. Our unique approach combines ethical zero, first party, and proprietary data to provide unparalleled retail and consumer data across all touchpoints. By delivering actionable insights directly to retailers and SMCG/FMCG organizations, we empower you to make informed decisions that drive growth and innovation.

In-Depth Consumer Profiles with Seamless Integration

Our 360-degree Complete Consumer Profiles are designed to seamlessly integrate with your existing CRM and CDP systems. This effortless mapping ensures that you have access to the most comprehensive consumer data available, enabling you to identify trends, patterns, and opportunities that would otherwise be hidden.

AI-Powered Analysis and Reporting for Immediate Insights

TARTLE's advanced AI-driven analysis and reporting tools transform raw data into actionable insights that can inform everything from product decisions to retailer relationships. By unlocking new consumer segments and understanding customer motivations, our Complete Consumer Profile helps you stay ahead of the competition.

A Direct-to-Consumer Infrastructure for a Single Source of Truth

We've built a robust D2C infrastructure and strategy that consolidates your consumer data into a single, unified source. Our state of-the-art data encryption and marketplace technologies accelerate innovation and time- to-market, while also driving the development of artificial intelligence to enable advanced personalization, convenience, and automation capabilities.

Identity Settlement and Profile Building for Effective Communication

Through consent-based data gathering, the TARTLE marketplace unifies anonymous consumer profiles to gain a deeper understanding of customer motivations across various channels, devices, and platforms. We educate, ask, and combine these profiles into the TARTLE Complete Consumer Profile, making it easier to communicate with consumers at the right time without wasting advertising dollars or overwhelming them.

Offering the Complete Consumer Profile Two Components


  • Authenticating - authentication information belonging to the person.
  • Preference - A person's preferences or interests
  • Knowledge & Belief - What a person knows or believes


  • Behavioral - A person's online/offline behavior
  • Demographic - a person's characteristics
  • Ethnicity - A person's ethnic origins
  • Identifying - Unique information that identifies a person
  • Medical & Health - Health status and medical conditions of a person
  • Physical Characteristics - A person’s physical traits
  • Sexual - A person's sexual life and preferences


  • Account - A person's financial account
  • Credit - A person’s financial credit and reputation
  • Ownership - A person owns/rents/etc.
  • Transactional - Income and spending of a person


  • Communication - Any communication a person is involved
  • Family - A person's family and relationships
  • Professional - Educational or professional career
  • Public- A person’s public life
  • Social Network - Friends or social connections of a person


  • Life Events - History of events that have influenced a person's life


  • Contact - Ways to contact a person
  • Device - Devices that a person uses
  • Location - a person's physical location


The TARTLE Complete Consumer Profile revolutionizes the way you access and utilize consumer data. By harnessing the power of our comprehensive, ethical data collection and AI-driven analysis, you'll be equipped to make informed decisions that drive growth, innovation, and customer satisfaction. Experience the TARTLE difference today and unlock the full potential of your consumer data.

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Discover the Power of 360-Degree Complete Consumer Profiles, Native CRM and CDP Mapping, and AI-driven Analysis for Immediate Actionable Insights