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Tartle Best Data Marketplace
Tartle Best Data Marketplace
Tartle Best Data Marketplace

Where Human Intelligence Fuels Artificial Intelligence

A Secure Global Marketplace for Data

TARTLE is your gateway to a groundbreaking real-time human intelligence and analysis platform, providing immediate access to individual data to foster relationships through ethically sourced, state-of-the-art encrypted first-party data. Our platform is equipped to source initial training sets instantly and ethically, alongside garnering targeted real-person model feedback. The tools for visualization and analysis we provide pave the way for intelligence-driven decisions across all AI domains.

Data-Driven Solutions For Artificial Intelligence

Discover the Power of TARTLE Data

Our peer-to-peer approach unveils zero and first-party data, offering direct access to the most comprehensive global model training sets and feedback across every touchpoint. Dive into a realm where data engineers can seamlessly explore datasets, establishing relationships among them, and joining them together without the usual time-consuming manual processes.

  Data engineers often spend significant time  
  manually exploring data sets, establishing  
  relationships among them, and joining them  
  together. They also frequently must refine  
  data from its natural, unstructured state into  
  a structured form using manual and bespoke  
  processes that are time-consuming,  
  not scalable, and error prone.  

Source: McKinsey & Company

We Specialize in 360-degree Complete Consumer Profile Datasets for Machine Learning & Artificial Intelligence. Don’t rely on predictions. TARTLE’s Iterative Approach creates faster and more accurate data outcomes.

TARTLE is the leading provider of 360-degree Complete Consumer Profile datasets for machine learning and artificial intelligence. Our specialization in model training sets and feedback is tailored to your needs, thanks to our globally distributed members and their vast array of datasets. Our data harvesting and evaluation by humans is unparalleled, with API integration ensuring quality real-time data at your fingertips.

Built a D2C Infrastructure and Strategy that will Create a Single Source of Truth for your Model Training Sets

We offer unique and newly created data sets, including photos, audio, and video recordings, texts, etc., to aid in the development of your learning-based algorithms. With our state-of-the-art data encryption and marketplace technologies, rest assured in ethically creating and extracting bespoke training data for your AI systems.

Despite wide spread recognition that data sets are critical to the advancement of the field, careful data sets development is often under valued and disincentivized, especially relative to algorithmic contributions.

- University of California, Los Angeles, and Google published study titled “Reduced, Reused and Recycled: The Life of a Dataset in Machine Learning Research.”

Why TARTLE Data is more important than ever?

Our team of engineers and data scientists have crafted a platform ensuring your data is ethical, secure, and reliably ready to use. Engage with us to:

  • Work with our data experts to comprehend your current AI/ML strategies and use cases.
  • Through personalized consultation, our AI data solutions team will deduce the best-fit strategy for your business needs.
  • Build a simple, scalable bespoke solution at speed for any complex dataset requirement.

In a world where consumer touchpoints are sprawled across the web, apps, and various channels, our marketplace amalgamates these profiles to gain a deeper understanding of consumer motivations. Through consent, we merge these profiles into a comprehensive TARTLE Complete Consumer Profile, enabling a more profound insight into consumer actions across different channels, devices, and platforms.

Customize your Data Sets with Zero and First-Party Data

Utilize the global TARTLE Marketplace to tailor your approach to worldwide marketing, commerce, and service data — all through one integrated platform. Adapt your AI systems to build data-mediated relationships between consumers at scale based on these inclusive data insights.

Clean Data is Ethically Responsible.

As a data scientist, clean data is a non-negotiable. Bad data can derail projects and instill bias in AI. Our platform ensures data is collected using best practices and ethical methods, free from bias, error, and distortion.

Why Choose Us?


is a scalable data marketplace delivering unprecedented insights about your brand, products, competitors, and trends directly from consumers.

Data Integration Across Platforms

Enable consumers to actively integrate their outside data accounts in secure data vaults, solving the industry issue of siloed data.

Identity Settlement and Profile Building

Harness the power of a Complete Consumer Profile to communicate with consumers at the right time, enabling fast, reliable, and large-scale data collection.

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