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Gilick competence refers to a child’s capacity to consent to their own medical treatment without their parents or guardians having to know or give their consent. 

But in an era where we are always giving out our personal information through our digital footprint, does this measure for consent still hold water? And if it applies to healthcare, why doesn’t it apply to other industries, like gaming?

Join Alexander and Jason as they challenge today’s norms on parenting, data collection, and a child’s capacity to make informed decisions.

Helicopter Parenting

Human progress has reached a point where many of us are privileged to be living comfortable lives. However, this may have come at a cost: an increased aversion to taking risks, exploring freedom, and allowing independence. This extends to the way society believes parents should raise their children.

Helicopter parenting, for the most part, does result in some short-term benefits. The constant surveillance means that children learn how to succeed in a closed environment. However, the reality is that parents won’t always be there to enforce a strict routine and study schedule. At some point, children need to be given the opportunity to explore the world at their own pace. 

Empowering the Next Generation

Gilick competence can be established if the minor can demonstrate that they have “sufficient understanding and intelligence to fully understand what is proposed.”

With all the fearmongering and biased media we consume on a daily basis, it can be easy to think the worst of humanity. Allowing children to live, for as long as they can, away from making big decisions for themselves may seem like the smarter and more loving choice. 

But the way children are treated in their youth will leave indelible marks on the people they grow into. If we want to help empower children and raise independent adults, we need to give them the space and grace to make big decisions for themselves.

As discussed in this episode, children are a lot more capable than we give them credit for. And the innate human desire to do the right thing, backed by statistics, indicates that the world is not as scary as we think it is. Helicopter parenting only serves to isolate children and hinder their personal development.

Is it really empowerment if they only know how to succeed in a vacuum?

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In the previous episode, we discussed how using TARTLE can help save your life. Now, let’s talk about how we can improve your quality of life.

One of the most pressing problems we have today is that people don’t know the value of their data. We find ourselves giving away a treasure trove of information in exchange for meager services, like access to our ancestry or participation in a social network.

Big tech and other companies make so much money out of our data. It’s time we take back what’s rightfully ours.

You Are A Modern-Day Slave

We are allowing big tech to create a captain’s log of every human being there is. We are giving them the power to look over our shoulders while we write down our most secret desires, while we report the outcomes of our day to day activities.

It’s a violation of our right to privacy and it happens on a daily basis. We need to wake up now, before it gets even worse.

At the rate we’re going, we are allowing other companies to take data out of our human body. And then they conceal their intentions behind 200 pages of legal mumbo jumbo, and then they go ahead and make $600 billion off of our human work.

We’ve got a term for it here: data slavery.

Living in the Wild West of Data Era

What’s extra insidious about this is that it’s happening right under our noses, as we speak. We wouldn’t let other companies like Walmart get away with slave labor, so why do we let it happen with our personal information?

These companies may not be stealing to your face, but that doesn’t make it okay. You deserve to know that you are being farmed for your data and that other people are making money off of you.

You are a unique human being. Throughout your existence, you’ve created thoughts, actions, and preferences that are valuable to the evolution of humanity. You do not deserve to become a pawn in someone else’s convoluted gamble for profit and power.


TARTLE is designed to allow people to feel a sense of reciprocity. That they’re actually getting what they deserve. The platform is a more ethical and sustainable way of sharing data. 

On the TARTLE Marketplace, you get to choose how much data you share. You can capture your ancestry, genomic sequencing, social determinants of health, and more. Once you’re done uploading that information, you can choose who you sell that data to. That’s how important your consent is to us. You are a part of the process every step of the way.

You also get to keep all of the money you earn from TARTLE. We do not take a cut from your hard work.

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