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Tartle Best Data Marketplace
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Tartle Best Data Marketplace
Tartle Best Data Marketplace
November 4, 2021

TARTLE’s New Micropayment System - And Its Macro Benefits

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How can you make the most out of your data? In the status quo, we are used to leaving our personal information and digital footprint in the hands of other entities: multinational corporations, political figureheads— those who claim that they have the right to because they have our best interests at heart.

The TARTLE platform wants to cut through this fluff and return the power of data to the hands of those who deserve to wield it: the people. With that said, there are plenty of new and exciting updates being implemented on the marketplace.

Here’s what you need to watch out for.

More Opportunities to Earn

In this episode, Alex introduced a new and more effective micropayment system, which gives users the capacity to earn more at a faster pace. These updates are available on the TARTLE wallet and can be viewed by anybody logging in to the application.

Furthermore, users can now see their available balance in US Dollars. This is a step forward to making income generation more relatable and attractive, because funds were previously shown in TARTLEcoin.

Once users have hit a certain threshold, they can withdraw their funds into their PayPal account. Netizens that conduct more work on the platform through syncing their accounts, filling their data packets, changing their settings, and otherwise leaving a trail of activity, will be awarded with more cash.

As an additional incentive for first-time users on the fence, the platform offers rewards for users filling out their first data packet.

More on the Horizon

Beyond this announcement, Alex and Jason also hinted at the release of high-value data packets in the future. These packets would cover topics that are incredibly sought after, such as healthcare, ancestry, Google profiles, and location history. 

TARTLE hopes to usher in a new era of data ownership, encouraging people on the ground to become data champions for their own personal causes. There is so much potential in your life experiences and activities. It’s time we reclaim our online persona.

What’s your data worth?

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For those who are hard of hearing – the episode transcript can be read below:


Alexander McCaig (00:00):

Hello, everybody welcome back to TARTLE cast. Beautiful morning here in New Mexico. What, you cold?

Jason Rigby (00:13):

No, I was going to say something, and then I was like, "Nope, this is an important update."

Alexander McCaig (00:17):


Jason Rigby (00:18):

"And so this is too important for me to make a joke."

Alexander McCaig (00:20):

Yeah. Thank you for holding back, for the maturity. We have made great strides in earning generation on TARTLE. We have facilitated a more effective micropayment system, so you can earn more, more often. Does that make sense?

Jason Rigby (00:45):


Alexander McCaig (00:45):

And so we had to do all these updates to the TARTLE wallet when you log into the app, and what you'll find there is now you'll see your available balances in U.S. dollar. You won't see TARTLEcoin. You won't see anything crazy. It's showing how you are going to earn value for the data you are creating much quicker. And when you hit the threshold, you can withdraw your funds, and it'll be right into your PayPal account.

Jason Rigby (01:13):

So what can I do as a data champion? I've signed up for TARTLE.co. Maybe I've sunk some of my accounts, not all of them, and I filled out one or two data packets. Maybe that's what I've done.

Alexander McCaig (01:28):

We've realized that rewarding you in TARTLE coin wasn't really helping you out all that much. Rewarding you in U.S. dollars is a different story.

Jason Rigby (01:39):


Alexander McCaig (01:40):

So the more you interact as a seller, the more data packets you fill out, the more accounts you literally synced up, the more settings you change on the system, right? The more active you are, the more you get rewarded with legitimate U.S. dollar cash.

Jason Rigby (01:57):

So it's, we use the word work.

Alexander McCaig (02:00):

Work. The more work you do on TARTLE, the more are rewarded. And now that we have this new system set up through the wallet, paying in U.S. dollar like this, you can get more pay more often for your work, and we think that that's important.

Alexander McCaig (02:17):

We want to show you how often you can be earning. So you'll go in there and you'll see your latest U.S. dollar transactions for your earning for putting in work. It's that easy.

Jason Rigby (02:28):

So I get U.S. dollar. I go and I sync all my accounts, all that I can on there. I sync my Facebook, my Twitter-

Alexander McCaig (02:35):


Jason Rigby (02:35):

... my PayPal, all that. I sync all that because you'd have to sync the PayPal anyways to get paid.

Alexander McCaig (02:39):


Jason Rigby (02:39):

And then I go in, and I start filling out data packets, just one after the other.

Alexander McCaig (02:43):

When you save and publish a data packet for the first you get rewarded. Just for filling out the data packet, we reward you. Before it's even bought, you get rewarded. How cool is that?

Jason Rigby (02:55):

That's awesome. And so question that I have.

Alexander McCaig (02:59):


Jason Rigby (02:59):

Whenever I go, I log in, and I fill out these data packets, and I sync my accounts. Will I see it automatically? Does it take, like if I fill out a data packet, does it take-

Alexander McCaig (03:12):

You'll see rewards are every 24 hours.

Jason Rigby (03:14):


Alexander McCaig (03:15):

So you just go back into your wallet.

Jason Rigby (03:16):

You log back in in 24 hours.

Alexander McCaig (03:18):

And you'll see a big teal button that pops up that says receive, and it'll show you what the reward value is. And once you click receive, right there it's in your wallet.

Jason Rigby (03:26):

That's cool, so everybody needs to do that. Let's go sync accounts.

Alexander McCaig (03:29):


Jason Rigby (03:29):

Let's fill out some data packets. Just before we close, what are some new updates for the future? What are some cool things that TARTLE's working on right now?

Alexander McCaig (03:37):

So there's-

Jason Rigby (03:38):

Stuff that maybe only these key listeners would... I want to be as a data champion, I want to be ahead of the game.

Alexander McCaig (03:45):

So you want to be ahead of the game, right? You want to know what's coming next at TARTLE?

Jason Rigby (03:48):


Alexander McCaig (03:50):

TARTLE is evolving very high-value data packets. You haven't seen them yet because it's required a lot of work in the background for us to do.

Jason Rigby (04:03):


Alexander McCaig (04:04):

But they will be released soon, certain ones around healthcare, around your ancestry information, your entire Google profile with location history. These things are going to be coming in soon. And they are highly, highly demanded piece of information from these major corporations around the world. They want to buy it.

Alexander McCaig (04:28):

So that one thing, if you're a first and foremost looking for the future data champion, keep your eye out for these super high-value data packets.

Jason Rigby (04:37):

And we're going to do a better job. This is my responsibility. We're going to do a better job of communicating to you when these new packets are out.

Alexander McCaig (04:43):


Jason Rigby (04:44):

So check your email.

Alexander McCaig (04:45):


Jason Rigby (04:45):

Because that's how we're going to communicate through you.

Alexander McCaig (04:47):

Check your in-app notifications.

Jason Rigby (04:48):


Alexander McCaig (04:48):

Because we've created all new systems for notifying you through your web browser also. Make sure that stuff is in place, so when the opportunity arises for the data champions that are out there to work towards generating more income for themselves, to earn more, more financial empowerment, you're going to have to pay attention and be ready for it. But we've been working diligently in the background behind the curtain. Right? To make sure that we are driving the most amount of value for you economically and also the most amount of informational value for those data buyers out there that need that info.

Jason Rigby (05:24):

When you said behind the curtain, why did I picture like TARTLE and Tim Burton? I picture like a collab.

Alexander McCaig (05:31):


Jason Rigby (05:34):

The behind the scenes marketplace.

Alexander McCaig (05:35):

And I don't know why I said that.

Jason Rigby (05:36):

I don't know why Tim Burton would be involved, but it sounds great.

Alexander McCaig (05:38):

Did you hear the weird British accent?

Jason Rigby (05:39):

Yeah, I know. Yeah, you came out.

Alexander McCaig (05:41):


Jason Rigby (05:41):

Maybe because it's the Wizard of Oz thing, yeah.

Alexander McCaig (05:43):

It was a little bit Wizard of Ozzie. Right?

Jason Rigby (05:45):

Because everybody had weird accents back in those days in movies.

Alexander McCaig (05:47):

Yeah, why you talking like that?

Jason Rigby (05:47):

You either had this weird movie accent.

Alexander McCaig (05:51):


Jason Rigby (05:51):

Or you had a British accent.

Alexander McCaig (05:52):

Yeah, why are you talking like that?

Jason Rigby (05:53):

Like all the Bible movies back in the day, which everybody would've spoke to Hebrew or Greek.

Alexander McCaig (05:58):

All British accent.

Jason Rigby (05:58):

All British accent.

Alexander McCaig (06:00):

Imperialism at its finest.

Jason Rigby (06:01):

That's exactly what I was going to say.

Alexander McCaig (06:03):

That's correct. So final thought. Log into TARTLE. Check out the new updates. Make sure you're getting rewarded. Set up your notification channels and earn some U.S. dollar.

Speaker 3 (06:16):

Thank you for listening to TARTLE cast with your hosts Alexander McCaig and Jason Rigby, where humanity steps into the future and resource data defines the path. What's your data worth?