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Tartle Best Data Marketplace
Tartle Best Data Marketplace
Tartle Best Data Marketplace
Tartle Best Data Marketplace

As a buyer, your first priority is making sure that you’re doing what’s best for your business. So what’s stopping you from jumping into TARTLE’s data packets? If you’re still having doubts about investing in our platform, let’s talk about the benefits you get from ethical data sourcing.

Create Direct Relationships With Your Customers

In the traditional data sourcing setup, a lot of the information that you buy is incredibly biased. This is because you’re buying them off of third parties that observe human beings, and not the human beings you’re serving themselves. Every middleman you entertain in your data sourcing gives room for misinterpretation and corruption of their information.

So remove the guesswork. Half of the headache in growing a business is figuring out what makes your customers tick—that’s why we all shell out so much towards marketing campaigns. But with TARTLE, you can invest in facts. Making the move toward ethical data sourcing means that you don’t have to make assumptions about your customers, because you can reach out to them whenever you need to.

What Your Commitment to Ethically Sourced Data Symbolizes

TARTLE is where the world goes to buy and sell data. And if you're not ethically sourcing your information through TARTLE, you're not getting your information properly and you're not getting the best information possible. - Alexander McCaig

When you come to TARTLE, you are taking on a commitment. You want to ensure that your values, actions, and business align with one another. This is an active decision to care about the future of your company, the planet, and the people who support your products and services. 

It can be overwhelming to think of ways that you could make change happen. After all, movements take decades to build up the momentum they need to succeed. So if you can’t find the time to commit to so many other things just yet, commit to this one step. 

Commitment to TARTLE symbolizes a commitment to human beings who want to establish consensual relationships and share truthful narratives of their lives.

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Trust can be difficult to establish—trust from society, in a brand, with corporations, or with anybody that chooses to participate in TARTLE. If you’ve ever run a business before, you know that finding and nurturing repeat customers is no easy feat.

Navigating Web 3.0

In this episode, Jason Rigby briefly discusses the world’s pivot towards Web 3.0. We’re moving into an era where transparency on the internet is key. This is a world where we give the end user opportunities to empower themselves, and make the decision to sell their data. 

We are creating a world where individuals can take back control of their personal information and create relationships with data buyers from around the world. For sellers, this is a chance to connect with other people, businesses, and organizations that can help them uplift their life.

Encouraging Corporate Transparency

How far can our personal information travel without our knowledge? Whenever you are purchasing data, there is a high likelihood that the source is incentivized purely off of profit. 

All the data you are using to create and improve your products and services is made possible because of the support of your target audience. These are human beings who find value in what you do and create. It doesn’t make sense to get your data from people outside of those that support what you do. 

Building Trust in Technology

As a buyer, you need to be mindful of where you source all your raw materials—even your information. Other firms may be selling you their data just so they can profit from the covert surveillance and manipulation of the very people you are trying to serve.

If you want to create goodwill and trust, you need to nurture a direct relationship with your customers. You don’t want to leave them in the dark, wondering how you know all about their consumer behavior. Ethical data sourcing has become a crucial part of corporate social responsibility, and it’s time to make that a priority in every organization.

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Nobody operates in a vacuum. All our actions have consequences that spill over into the lives of other people. 

Join Alexander and Jason as they discuss who is affected by TARTLE. This is the final section of their six-part section on TARTLE University.  

Who Was TARTLE Designed For?

TARTLE was designed for humanity. In this era, data is everything. It’s a track record of who we are as individuals. It helps businesses and governments make informed decisions. Data is what will drive humanity forward and further into the future.

But in a world where everyone wants your data, we need to start teaching people how to take responsibility over their personal information. The reality is that it is just as easy for malicious actors to use our data for their vested interests as it is for us to usher in a brighter tomorrow. We need everybody’s help, especially yours, to help humanity win.

Who Can Be a Data Champion?

Anybody with internet access has the power to nurture self responsibility and uphold the values of ethically sourced data. On TARTLE, you are responsible for sharing data, helping other human beings, and spreading the good news to your friends and family.

How should a data-driven world function for individuals? Ideally, only you get to see your data until you choose to release it. That means businesses do not get to source your data or tell you how to use it, unless you are spearheading that decision-making process. Through TARTLE, you have the free will to consent or withhold consent when it comes to sharing and selling your data.

What’s your data worth?

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Encryption prevents people who have not been given rightful access to your data from reading it, in the unlikely event that they gain access to it. Join Alexander and Jason as they provide a brief explanation regarding how your data is stored and valued on TARTLE.

You are more lucrative than you think. And when you start working with a platform that knows how to handle your data properly, your potential is limitless. 

On TARTLE, the platform’s buyer interface allows users to view available data packets by location, gender, demographic, and more. What’s important is that as a seller, you fill out each data packet truthfully and honestly. 

Creating Infinite Value Through Data

Aside from your hard work, referring your friends and loved ones to the platform increases the value of the data packets that are being filled out. 

However, the only way to increase the chances of getting bids is to put in more work and fill out more data packets. 

This is your opportunity to create infinite value for yourself and others. 

What’s your data worth?

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Join Alexander and Jason as they continue their discussion on TARTLE University. In this episode, they discuss where your personal information is stored and how the platform is built to empower you.

Sellers who have signed up to become data champions on TARTLE know that their personal information is encrypted and stored on the company’s servers. If you are planning to sign up, know that even we can’t access your data unless we choose to buy it from you.

In an era where information reigns supreme, it is our goal to give humanity a platform where their data is respected.

Spread the Good News

Referring a friend is peak data champion behavior. Here’s a secret to the platform: if you share your code with a data buyer, and a data buyer signs up under your code and buys data, we will deposit commissioned earnings directly into your TARTLE wallet.

This means that you can make multiple streams of income selling data and by helping TARTLE attract buyers.

Reap What You Sow

TARTLE University offers the opportunity to earn while learning more about data, technology, and the world around you. Your data earnings are entirely your own. The funds go straight into your wallet and nobody, not even TARTLE, will take a cut out of it. You deserve to reap all the benefits of your hard work. 

What’s your data worth? Find out with TARTLE today.

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How many missed opportunities do you still revisit and look back on in regret? Don’t let your personal data become another source of sadness. 

Join Alexander and Jason as they discuss the best time to sign up on TARTLE and start filling out data packets.This episode is going to be short and simple, because the direct answer to every question is right now.

Seize the Day With TARTLE

On the TARTLE platform, the marketplace is always operating. It operates asynchronously. You can be ready to start selling data at any time and TARTLE will process your information immediately.

Sellers get bids on their data packets whenever a buyer is online and wants to buy their information. The opportunity to earn is always there because the marketplace never closes. 

So when’s the best time to answer a data packet? It’s right now, when you are on the system. Don’t put it off or wait for a “better” moment. If you wait, a bid could come in on the data packet that you did not fill out. You would miss out on the opportunity to earn from that. 

Start Earning Today

Data sellers receive their funds instantaneously after the transaction is completed. Sellers are paid in US dollars, and are free to withdraw their funds at any time.

It’s time to earn, learn, and empower ourselves by investing in platforms that invest in us. 

What’s your data worth?

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There has never been a better time for empowerment and community than right now. With TARTLE, the evolution of humanity starts today.

In this episode, Alexander McCaig and Jason Rigby briefly discuss the benefits of referring a friend to the Marketplace. 

Empowering Your Loved Ones

The TARTLE platform is a free marketplace that offers an abundance of opportunities to those who are willing to put in the work. That’s how we created this platform. And what better way to show you care for your loved ones than by giving them access to these same chances?

Economic empowerment, opportunity, and choice. Everybody wants to have a stable source of income and the power to choose how they live their lives. But in the current system, we may often feel like we have no choice but to hoard what we have. This is because we’re used to a world where sharing our resources with others diminishes the amount that we have for ourselves.

Thankfully, data is not a finite resource. And with TARTLE’s connections to buyers around the world? Neither is the opportunity to earn.

Increasing Your Earning Potential With the Community

Another strong reason to refer your loved ones to the TARTLE platform is that sharing actually increases the value of everyone’s data packets. As the Marketplace grows, we will welcome people from all walks of life around the world. Their input will be crucial to creating diverse sets of data packets, which will be more appealing to buyers.

In addition, we have some exciting incentives lined up for TARTLE’s data champions in the future. 

Closing Thoughts: The TARTLE Marketplace, Open to All

If you’ve been following TARTLE for a while now, you may have noticed that we consistently hype our platform up as a free marketplace for anyone, regardless of who they are and where they’re located, as long as they have access to the internet.

It’s time to test it out for yourself—and if you’re done, to share how the platform has empowered you with those around you. 

It will only get better from here. We can promise you that.

What’s your data worth?

According to the World Bank, the global poverty line stands at $1.90. It’s the bare minimum people need to afford basic needs.

Of course, there’s more to poverty than money. The lack of access to other non-monetary indicators like education, water, electricity, and sanitation, to name a few, all work together to create a multidimensional system that keeps people entrenched in poverty. 

But if we can eliminate at least one facet of such a complex system, then we will already have succeeded. The elimination of one crucial aspect of poverty can give people the foundation they need to go beyond.

This is what TARTLE wants to commit to with the Data Packets for Good campaign. We want to help individuals living in a constant state of fear, who need the opportunity to empower themselves.

Through intensive research and survey of our own users, we’ve discovered that we have the ability to move people above the global poverty line. 

In this campaign, you do not need to be a TARTLE user. For only $2.78, you have the power to move a family out of the poverty line for a day. Your entire contribution goes directly to these people who are in deep need of economic opportunity. 

You have the power to help someone secure their next meal and focus on improving other aspects of their life: education, livelihood, and moving out of poverty as a whole.

Sign up for the Data Packets for Good campaign here.

How do you understand the metaverse?

It’s on its way and it’s going to change the world. One day, you will have the power to load all of your senses into the online space. You’ll see, hear, and touch a digital landscape. And at the pace that this technology is developing right now, we may even be smelling and tasting things online as well.

The pace of innovation we are experiencing today was first made possible with Massive Multiplayer Online Role Playing Games (MMORPG), especially World of Warcraft (WoW). The opportunity to charge into battle as a worgen hunter or draeneian priest captured everyone’s imagination. This was your chance to train a highly customized character in an open world with its own economic system, political controversies, and social structure.

A few years later, the next big step is taken: virtual reality headsets. You’ve effectively gone from a third-party perspective of another world to a first-person point of view. 

Preserving Humanity in the Metaverse

Before the metaverse can happen, Alexander and Jason discuss the benefits of developing augmented reality even further. It’s the next natural step in the evolution of technology; the chance to “overlay our eyeballs.”  We can swap out the physical world for a full immersion into a digital landscape. 

While this would be a massive step forward for humanity, a lack of people-centered foresight could mean that augmented reality (and subsequently, the metaverse) may become a place that brings out the worst in people. 

Imagine how emboldened trolls are on social media platforms, and then take it up a notch. Those trolls will have the same access to avatars and the metaverse that you do. They’ll hide behind the same tools that you use to connect with other people—and the scary part is that they might not have to face any penalties for their behavior.

Closing Thoughts

The TARTLE metaverse exists so that people have the opportunity to understand their self-worth. It’s a platform that treats people as empowered individuals instead of animals on a data farm.

Eventually, we will be exploring a world without physical boundaries. Amidst all these changes, we need to ensure that the technologies we develop continue to put humans first. Sign up for TARTLE through this link here.