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TARTLE is adding to its leadership team with Martin Herrick as Chief Revenue Officer. 

Martin has a wealth of experience in education and finance, having worked in higher education for seven years before transitioning to the private education lending space. 

He has held roles as Chief Revenue Officer in the fintech space, working on a new financial asset class called Income Share Agreements (ISAs).

Prior to this, Martin has made an impact in other C-suite and executive positions. He worked as the Vice President for Business Development, and eventually the Senior Vice President, for Education Loan Source in the Greater San Diego Area from 2014 to 2019.

Martin’s work with TARTLE brings him closer to individuals who are struggling to gain access to higher education.

“The users who will be using TARTLE to fill out education packets are probably in the blind spot of most colleges and universities, who don’t have a direct line of access to these students,” he explained, “They’re not going in to talk to their college counselors, filling out surveys, or completing their FAFSAs. They’re searching for platforms like TARTLE to find revenue that they can make for their family, to help with the tough times that they’re going through right now.”

“I’m looking to prove to the higher education administrators that we go out to, in the colleges that we partner with to buy data off of our platform, that these are students they would have otherwise missed out on had they not taken a look at TARTLE to see who’s interacting with our platform.”

Martin’s unique skill set and experience in education, finance, and technology will be instrumental in the TARTLE platform’s evolution into a marketplace that is better equipped to cater to its Big 7, particularly in initiatives related to educational access.

This episode also deep-dives into:

For podcast, radio, TV interviews, media opportunities, and other press-related inquiries, please contact Media Director Shiela Pialago at sp@tartle.co

How can you make the most out of your data? In the status quo, we are used to leaving our personal information and digital footprint in the hands of other entities: multinational corporations, political figureheads— those who claim that they have the right to because they have our best interests at heart.

The TARTLE platform wants to cut through this fluff and return the power of data to the hands of those who deserve to wield it: the people. With that said, there are plenty of new and exciting updates being implemented on the marketplace.

Here’s what you need to watch out for.

More Opportunities to Earn

In this episode, Alex introduced a new and more effective micropayment system, which gives users the capacity to earn more at a faster pace. These updates are available on the TARTLE wallet and can be viewed by anybody logging in to the application.

Furthermore, users can now see their available balance in US Dollars. This is a step forward to making income generation more relatable and attractive, because funds were previously shown in TARTLEcoin.

Once users have hit a certain threshold, they can withdraw their funds into their PayPal account. Netizens that conduct more work on the platform through syncing their accounts, filling their data packets, changing their settings, and otherwise leaving a trail of activity, will be awarded with more cash.

As an additional incentive for first-time users on the fence, the platform offers rewards for users filling out their first data packet.

More on the Horizon

Beyond this announcement, Alex and Jason also hinted at the release of high-value data packets in the future. These packets would cover topics that are incredibly sought after, such as healthcare, ancestry, Google profiles, and location history. 

TARTLE hopes to usher in a new era of data ownership, encouraging people on the ground to become data champions for their own personal causes. There is so much potential in your life experiences and activities. It’s time we reclaim our online persona.

What’s your data worth?

Have you ever felt like you were too caught up in the minute details of day to day living to realize the amount of change that occurred around you? Often, progress happens in increments and these shifts can be tracked in retrospect. However, being mindful of these new trends and circumstances can take some practice. 

When it comes to data, information is evolving at an unprecedented pace; not just in terms of volume but in speed as well. The size, depth, and speed of all the knowledge we have at our hands can become overwhelming, especially when we have never been properly equipped to deal with our own data in the first place. 

The TARTLE marketplace is an opportunity for individuals to adapt to this new reality and take control over their data. In a world where historically, corporations have gotten away with profiting off of our personal information, we are committed to helping the people on the ground get their voice back. It’s a worldwide initiative that we have decided to undertake to aid in humanity’s progress.

Keeping an Ear to the Ground: The Race for Innovation and Relevance

There is a constant pressure for companies to innovate. Plenty of old tech companies that played such an important role in our childhood eventually became obsolete due to their inability to keep up with the times—such as Kodak, Blockbusters, and Toys R Us. It’s a tough lesson for any business: if you don’t keep up, you will be left behind.

One pertinent example is the use of the Internet of Things (IoT) in the healthcare industry. IoT has immense potential in helping health researchers and doctors keep entire populations healthy. This is because it captures large swathes of information in real time. TARTLE is committed to integrating these APIs into its marketplace, so that users have the opportunity to turn it into a fungible data packet and share it with causes that they support.

On an individual level, we are also constantly reinventing ourselves on multiple levels. We try out new looks, styles, relationships, thought patterns, and beliefs. Human nature compels us to always adjust, to always be in the search of something that works. This challenge to be better is what makes life so exciting and meaningful.

Regardless of whether we speak of individuals or businesses, resistance to change can be fatal. If the first step forward is hidden under a mountain of bureaucracy and red tape, then communication can become impossible. It is easy to find comfort in a routine, or in a process that’s worked for as long as you can remember— but this is not an excuse to shut out the possibility for change.

Lending a Voice to the Oppressed

One big challenge in our progress of understanding countries in conflict is that gathering reliable sources of information on the ground can be incredibly difficult, if not impossible. Organizations have problems establishing the foundation needed to conduct their operations, while the people on the ground may not have the opportunity to think of reaching out when their top priority is survival.

In any conflicted situation, connection can play a pivotal role in giving privileged actors the capacity to help the disenfranchised. TARTLE gives the oppressed individuals in these scenarios an opportunity to anonymously share data packets about their experiences.

Closing Thoughts: Learning to Bend, Not Break

TARTLE is on a constant mission to make sure that it is flexible enough to adapt to any trend or circumstance. The platform’s first priority is the progress of humanity as a collective. Amidst constant growth and evolution, it is important that the marketplace is matched with the amount of people that interact with the system and the way in which they interact with it. 

The marketplace is an avenue to create new tools and features out of a genuine need to solve a problem, instead of creating more bloatware or products for show. It opens conversations and discussions with individuals who are directly affected by all the serious issues we are facing today, compelling those in power to face some harsh truths about the world we live in—and the responsibility we have in changing it for the better.

Your data is timeless. Now, it’s time to find out what it’s worth.

What Is Status Quo?

While significant progress has been made in various private and corporate sectors, the social aspect of innovation has yet to reap the same magnitude of benefits with the help of technology and big data.

Understandably, big tech struggles with their capacity to influence the social arena with the data that they have stored. Consider how much information on human trafficking, propaganda, and other crimes are siloed away across social media platforms. It is difficult to understand the depth of the impact that inaction has on these issues, but one thing is clear: inaction means more than just stagnancy. It is a step backward for social progress across several sectors, especially as we continue to grow in population and potential.

The State of Social Innovation

In our current situation, charities and nonprofits push themselves forward by approaching potential donors for assistance. Due to a lack of mobility and flexibility, they are unable to access the full potential of their social efforts.

The reality is that building a stable network of donors and stakeholders requires plenty of marketing leverage, availability, and resources — and sometimes, the best leads for driving social change are located across the globe.

Better access starts with giving these organizations a safe, reliable, and efficient platform to share their work; something or someone that functions as the main focal point for the big problems of the world.

Introducing the TARTLE Marketplace

We’ve enhanced the TARTLE Marketplace, bringing an altruistic arm to the space so that NGOs, nonprofits, and charities now have the place they need to campaign for awareness and funding. 

TARTLE is invested in seeing bigger and better results from social efforts. While the pace of innovation we experience today is a phenomenon we should celebrate, we also acknowledge that this comes at a price: our responsibility to fight for a common good has also become more pressing and more evident.

This is an emerging opportunity to become a part of something bigger, and to be noticed in the way that these initiatives deserve to be noticed.

What We Owe Each Other

With this in place, social organizations no longer need to go through tons of bureaucratic red tape or continue to milk the last funds out of the same donors everybody else in the area has approached. They have better access to concerned audiences and potential stakeholders who are interested in what they do and want to work on their mission.

Conversely, having a space for these organizations makes change more accessible to the general public. We have the digital infrastructure necessary to support stable, secure connections between social initiatives and the rest of the world.

Finally, the Marketplace opens up exciting new sources of income for NGOs and charities. It’s not just about accessing donors and funding; it’s also about the potential for these organizations to sell data packets on their areas of specialization. This new revenue stream has the dual effect of increasing the earning potential for specialists, as well as connecting these specialists to other professionals who are interested in what they know.

Social problems can be difficult to solve because they are incredibly dynamic. These efforts require the involvement of numerous stakeholders and feedback loops, not just between nonprofits, but across government agencies and even private companies.

The TARTLE Marketplace is an emerging platform that will solve the red tape caused by limited cooperation, data inequality, and poor IT resources. We do not profit from any information sold nor donations sent.

Closing Thoughts

We aren’t far from a future where we can predict, with perfect accuracy and precision, the trajectory, strength, and direction of major environmental catastrophes. Imagine the impact this would have on the efforts of nongovernmental and governmental agencies alike. This could mean disseminating information and proactively setting up relief efforts, ensuring the safety of potentially displaced communities, and securing infrastructures well ahead of the catastrophe.

We also envision a future where illicit activities, such as human trafficking, terrorist radicalization, and widespread discrimination can be actively profiled across the very same social media platforms we use to connect with our friends and family, empowering the organizations in charge to have a more active role in stopping these activities.

In the current pandemic situation, we also hope for a world where we can use tech-powered initiatives to efficiently fund and procure vaccines, medical equipment, and healthcare campaigns for developing areas that may be left behind as efforts to curb the coronavirus are outrun by the disease’s capacity to mutate and infect.

These are the dreams that make the blood, sweat, and tears behind the data-driven TARTLE Marketplace worth fighting for. 

What’s your data worth?

Introducing TARTLEcoin 

TARTLE is always trying to find ways to improve the experience for those who entrust us with protecting their data. As an example, we recently relaunched our website, making it much easier and more intuitive to navigate. We also try to be proactive about these kinds of things. We didn’t just put it out there and rely on you to figure it out. We did a whole series of podcasts and articles to help walk you through the new layout, from signup, to confirmation, to filling out your first data packets, explaining the reasons behind each aspect along the way. 

One of the things we touched on briefly in that series was TARTLEcoin. TARTLEcoin is a new feature we have introduced to help reward you for sharing your information and participating in TARTLE’s mission of reclaiming data for everyone. Now of course the obvious question, how does TARTLEcoin work?

Every time you share data, every time you share your experience on TARTLE, every data packet you fill out, the more you verify your identity, the more TARTLE COINS you get. Like most currency, you earn more of it based on the work you put into the system. One important way that TARTLEcoin is different is that its value increases based on the amount of work you put into it. Yes, you get more and the value increases at the same time. That might seem counterintuitive, however, TARTLEcoin isn’t currency in the sense that the dollar is currency. You don’t directly trade it for goods and services, you trade it for access. Access to what? To offer to buy your data. 

To clarify, this isn’t buying access to anything that others don’t get. This isn’t a tiered system like that. You just get it sooner. That is, when a buyer is looking for data that you have, you get notified first, or rather sooner based on the amount of TARTLEcoin you’ve earned. That of course is where the real value of the TARTLEcoin lies, in getting first crack at selling your data.

That kind of reward can be very important, especially if there is a buyer with a limited budget who can only afford to purchase a relative handful of data packets. Instead of having to hop right on to sell your data, hoping to beat the 20,000 users who might also want to sell to a person who only wants 1000 packets. Since you’ll be notified ahead of time, you can actually finish driving home in order to respond instead of pulling off to take care of business. 

It’s obvious how TARTLEcoin can benefit a TARTLE user. However, it also benefits the buyer. Remember, a seller is rewarded based on how much work he is putting in. That means the buyer is purchasing data from a person who is dedicated to the TARTLE mission and is interested in sharing plenty of data and in being fully open and honest about it, leading to better data, better decisions and better outcomes for the companies the buyer might represent. TARTLEcoin is actually the economics of human interaction put into practice. It lets you get more and do more based entirely on your own interest level in a given data packet that you’ve filled out. 

To clear something up before we get ready to wrap up this announcement, in no way does TARTLEcoin replace our system for selling your data. You still get paid in crypto when you’ve sold data. The TARTLEcoin is totally in addition to everything we normally provide. So, you get TARTLEcoin for signing up with TARTLE, for watching a video, for sharing your TARTLE activity, and of course for actually selling your data and various other opportunities as well. 

So, what’s your data worth? More than it was, my friend, more than it was. www.tartle.co

Brazil and Poverty – Breaking the Cycle

Brazil is the largest country in South America and is home to many resources. However, it is also terribly poor. The shanty towns, especially in Rio are places where extreme poverty isn’t something that you read about in the papers or see on the news. It’s there and in your face every single day. Children get admitted into hospitals and then sent home to the same terrible conditions they were in before, only to go back to that hospital not long after. 

How can you help with something like that? The silver lining to extreme poverty conditions like this is that it doesn’t take a lot of money to dramatically affect someone’s life. It’s a little cliché but for the price of a Starbucks every day, you really can help change a life. It reminds me of a movie about Mother Theresa. Towards the end there is a scene with the board of the charitable organization she founded. She sees all the charts and presentations but instead focuses on the Perrier in front of everyone. She asks how much it cost. When she finds out the fancy bottle of water cost three dollars she comments that she could send a girl to school in India for that much money. And then proceeds to dissolve the organization and get back to basics. 

Now, we aren’t all nuns working directly with the poorest of the poor. So again, what can you, what can we do? One simple thing is to sell your data through TARTLE and then donate the money you get to causes like solving poverty in Brazil. Or even donate data directly to organizations trying to solve those issues. Or if you are an organization that is trying to research problems of poverty, crime, or malnutrition in Brazil, you can specifically seek out data packets from people in those poor areas and purchase them. You get to help, and they get to keep their dignity because they are actually selling something and not just getting a handout. 

There was recently a great example of using local information and resources to help solve a major medical issue. Infant mortality in Brazil was through the roof and no one could figure it out. The best of Western medicine was at loss as to what was going on. Finally, researchers discovered a bug in the local rice that was infecting the infants. These researchers then developed a filter that separated the bug from the rice. The result was a massive drop in infant mortality, a drop to the tune of 800%. That’s a pretty big impact from just looking at the locally available information. That’s the power of working and taking action at the community level. 

Others are hard at work trying to improve education and nutrition for people living in the worst slums of Brazil and around the world. That creates a massive cascading effect. How so? When someone has those basic needs met, they now have the freedom to let their natural talents shine. That means they are more able to get a better job or develop their own business. Which in turn means they are making more money for themselves and their families, which means they can then afford better nutrition still, which in turn means that others will be able to let their own talents flourish even more. It enables the old adage “I dug ditches so my son could work in a factory, so his son could go to school and work in an office.” When people work with purpose and dedication, they improve their lives and that of their families for generations to come. Often, that takes just a little push, a push that can come from you. 

What’s your data worth?


What is TARTLEcoin?

TARTLEcoin is a private blockchain rewards system within the TARTLE marketplace. TARTLEcoin allows individuals to earn priority of receiving bids on the marketplace as their TARTLEcoin balance accrues to a larger value than other data champions. Meaning, as the balance of TARTLEcoin in your account grows, so does the probability of receiving more bids from data buyers.

How do I earn TARTLEcoin?

Earning TARTLEcoin is easy! TARTLE designed the rewards system to give you specific payout rewards of TARTLEcoin when you complete certain actions and tasks when using TARTLE. Every time you interact with data packets, share your journey, or donate to a Big 7 cause, you earn TARTLEcoin! In the simplest terms, the more work you put in, the more you are rewarded, and the more priority you receive to earn potential income.

What else can I do with TARTLEcoin?

TARTLEcoin can be shared with others you know who are on the marketplace to help get them started on their journey. Using the email address of another TARTLE user, you may transfer TARTLEcoin from the wallet screen of the marketplace.

How do I get started using TARTLEcoin?

In order to start earning TARTLEcoin, you must first visit the link below to create a personal PIN number for your new TARTLEcoin wallet.

Wallets: https://source.tartle.co/sellers/wallets

What is a referral?

A referral is when you invite friends and family to join TARTLE, and when 11 sign up and link their Facebook account, TARTLE pays you!

How do I earn money and TARTLEcoin from referrals?

To earn money from referrals, you must share your personal referral code to your friends and family which they will use to sign up. When the code has been redeemed 11 times, and they have linked their Facebook account, we will pay you $3 USD and TARTLEcoin. *

How do I get started inviting friends and family now?

In order to start earning money and TARTLEcoin, you must go to the INVITE FRIENDS tab in the app. You can enter the email address of your friends or family and share directly to your Facebook Feed. Facebook is most times the best option for getting paid quicker.

Walkthrough Time Pt.2: Activation and Security

In the previous installment of this series on setting up your account with TARTLE, we walked through the initial sign up process, what you need you to do and why we need you to do it. Today, we are going to go over the rest of the initial process and another one of our security features designed to protect your data. As before, if you want the visual to go along with the article, head over to TARTLEcast where Alex and Jason take you through everything step by step.

If you recall, we left off last time talking about the need to verify your account before you start setting up your profile. The link is in an email we send as soon as you create your account. If you don’t see it in your inbox, check your spam or promotions folder. It’ll be there. Click on that link and you’ll be taken to our log in page where you put in your user name and password. Don’t worry, if you forgot your password in the minute or so since you created it, just hit the ‘forgot password’ link and we’ll get you fixed up. Once that is settled, you’ll have to complete our anti-bot puzzle once more and then we are off to the next step. 

That next step is important for security. We give the option of setting up two step verification – or two factor authentication (2FA) for your account. You don’t have to do it but we strongly recommend it. Why do we recommend it so strongly? Because as unlikely as it might be, it is possible for a nefarious actor to get your password. That can happen through a number of ways. The big thing is making sure that you don’t use the same password you use for everything else. Honestly, you should really have a different password for every account you have but we know not everyone does that. If, however, you have the same password for multiple accounts, if there is one data breach at say, Google, and the hackers get your password for that, all the accounts that use the same password are at risk. So, please diversify those passwords. 

You might stop to wonder, if 2FA is so great for security why is it that you have to sign up for it? Remember, this is TARTLE. We don’t opt you into things assuming it is the best thing for you. No, we let you make the decisions. Unlike almost everywhere else on the planet, you never have to opt out of something you don’t want. You get to choose to opt into things or not. It’s part of our philosophy of putting you back in charge of your data.

In any case, should you choose to enable 2FA for your account, you have to choose the kind of authentication you would like. The most common kind people choose is via text message. This is easy since almost everyone has a phone these days and chances are, you always have it with you. Just put in your number along with the country code (yes, this is necessary, we are in almost every country on earth at this point) and you’ll be set. Not only does this method of 2FA give you additional security to make sure it is you accessing your account, you also will get text messages when a buyer is interested in a data packet you have. Yes, you’ll get text messages offering you money. Sounds good?

Next time, we’ll get into synching up your accounts with TARTLE so you can start protecting your data and generating data you can share. 

What’s your data worth?

Walkthrough Time! Pt. 3: Synching

In part two of this walkthrough series we went over how to finish getting your TARTLE account activated and why you should set up two factor authentication in order to better protect your account and your data. That being complete, it’s time to move to the next big step. 

Finally! At long last we get to talk about one of the biggest things that you should be doing as a new member of the TARTLE community – synching your social media accounts. This is the simplest and most obvious step (other than signing up with us in the first place) towards becoming a data champion. It’s the easiest way to both protect your data and start collecting it in order to sell it to others. So, get your account up so you can sync as you read. 

Once you have selected your 2FA option, you get sent straight to our brand new, cleaned up dashboard. There, you will find a handy video to help walk you through the process. Of course, we’re going to walk you through it right here. Should you need a refresher course though, it’s right there for you. Just above that video is a little line telling you that synching your Facebook account will get you a dollar right way. See? You have barely done anything yet and you’re already getting rewarded. Synch your Facebook account and every other third party online account that we support. 

You do that by clicking the gear in the upper right. There, you will see links to sync up various accounts. The active options at the moment are social and professional apps. You’ll also see what we have coming in the near future. Soon, you’ll be able to sync health accounts, browsers, wearables, and home devices. For now though, we’ll focus on the social option. 

Under the ‘social’ link you will find links to sync up your Facebook, Instagram, and Twitter accounts. That way, you can gather your data so you get to sell it, not just have those companies keep making money off of you and your interactions. If you click on the Facebook link, you’ll log into your Facebook account and our servers will download all your Facebook data. Do the same for the others if you have accounts there. And don’t worry, we’re working even now to add more apps to sync. We’ll send you an email whenever we get one set up so you will always be up to date with the latest additions so you can get the most bang for your buck. Now that your accounts are all synched, your data packets are already getting created. How easy was that?

What you will want to do next is set up notifications in the settings. We’ll send them to your phone as well as on the site in the marketplace. But you have to opt in. Again, this is TARTLE. We won’t bother you with anything unless you explicitly tell us it is okay to do so. You’ll see settings for a bunch of other things as well, like updating your number and your email. 

And here is another fun thing. If you refer people to sign up with us at www.tartle.co, we’ll reward you with some T-coin. Or if you do things online that help promote what we are doing, we’ll reward you for that too. That also helps grow the movement. The more people who choose to join TARTLE and take control of their digital lives, the more companies and governments will have to sit up and take notice. That means we’ll have a better chance of affecting policy in a positive way. Just something to keep in mind. 

After all, what’s your data worth?