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Tartle Best Data Marketplace
Tartle Best Data Marketplace
Tartle Best Data Marketplace
Tartle Best Data Marketplace

What if you could get paid to learn more about your data? Join Alexander McCaig and Jason Rigby in this special episode on TARTLE University learning modules. 

We live in a world where other people reap the benefits of our hard work. For decades, we have been kept in the dark about the power of our data–but now is our chance to change that. Through TARTLE, we have the opportunity to empower, equalize, and take ownership of our own data. 

The Power of Data

Today, data is a crucial part of scaling businesses. Companies need to know more about their audience, their processes, and their products. There are so many blind spots that only information can answer. 

TARTLE is a free marketplace that empowers the seller and buyer of data. It’s a nonprofit platform that facilitates ethical data sharing. Continued usage of this platform gives us the opportunity to change our perspective of data, and see it as the fundamental record of truth that can help us elevate all human understanding. 

We emphasize how the platform is a free and public marketplace because it is only through these features that empowerment can truly be achieved for both buyers and sellers. Regardless of race, religion, color, or creed, anyone can participate in the process of sharing data. 

Invest in Your Empowerment

Ultimately, TARTLE has a proven, consistent track record of being transparent in every single process. Every step is meant to involve the end users, without the platform taking anything from any transaction. 

It’s time we invest in platforms that have the best interests of humanity at heart. 

What’s your data worth?

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As a buyer, your first priority is making sure that you’re doing what’s best for your business. So what’s stopping you from jumping into TARTLE’s data packets? If you’re still having doubts about investing in our platform, let’s talk about the benefits you get from ethical data sourcing.

Create Direct Relationships With Your Customers

In the traditional data sourcing setup, a lot of the information that you buy is incredibly biased. This is because you’re buying them off of third parties that observe human beings, and not the human beings you’re serving themselves. Every middleman you entertain in your data sourcing gives room for misinterpretation and corruption of their information.

So remove the guesswork. Half of the headache in growing a business is figuring out what makes your customers tick—that’s why we all shell out so much towards marketing campaigns. But with TARTLE, you can invest in facts. Making the move toward ethical data sourcing means that you don’t have to make assumptions about your customers, because you can reach out to them whenever you need to.

What Your Commitment to Ethically Sourced Data Symbolizes

TARTLE is where the world goes to buy and sell data. And if you're not ethically sourcing your information through TARTLE, you're not getting your information properly and you're not getting the best information possible. - Alexander McCaig

When you come to TARTLE, you are taking on a commitment. You want to ensure that your values, actions, and business align with one another. This is an active decision to care about the future of your company, the planet, and the people who support your products and services. 

It can be overwhelming to think of ways that you could make change happen. After all, movements take decades to build up the momentum they need to succeed. So if you can’t find the time to commit to so many other things just yet, commit to this one step. 

Commitment to TARTLE symbolizes a commitment to human beings who want to establish consensual relationships and share truthful narratives of their lives.

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This episode explores the concept of universal basic income. What if we were given a standard amount to afford our basic needs? How would it affect us, especially individuals in dire situations? And how can we make it a possibility?

Restoring Human Dignity

Plenty of people across the world struggle to secure their day to day needs, even in developed countries. Poor living conditions, unstable and unsteady income, and an uncertain future—all these factors combine to create a state of fear that makes it impossible for individuals to evolve.

Universal basic income is an opportunity to give people a basic energetic need. It allows people to uplift themselves. It respects their inherent human dignity and liberates them from the struggle of fulfilling basic needs, which is something no human should ever have to shoulder on their own.

Financial Security as a Right, Not a Privilege

We may not realize it, but so much of our success depends on the luck of the draw. Isn’t it unfair to think of how the birth lottery determines a significant part of our personalities, environment, and future?

With universal basic income, we give everyone access to one of the simplest, yet most important determinants for success: money. The emotional and mental stability you get from knowing that you can afford three meals a day and a roof over your head is often understated. It is only when our basic needs are fulfilled that we can hope to evolve.

TARTLE’s Advocacy for Universal Basic Income

“We are at the beginning stages of the greatest use case from mankind on universal basic income.” - Alexander McCaig

All TARTLE participants receive daily cash rewards from the platform. And as more people sign up, we may see these daily payouts increase as well.

This is possible because as more data enters the platform, and more information becomes protected, the value of this information increases. Each individual that signs up for TARTLE increases the overall marketplace value of the data that they submit. 

So you don’t just get the opportunity to finally take control of your data. You also have the chance to make basic income accessible for yourself and your loved ones.

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Many people look at TARTLE and expect it to be a complicated concept. 

But really, it’s a lot like selling a cup of coffee in a cafe. 

If someone enters the store and wants to buy your coffee, you have the freedom to decide whether or not you want to give them that. As a business owner, you’ll want to maximize your profits whenever and wherever you can. But you also need to be firm about store policy and refuse to serve customers who are not following the rules, like if they enter without wearing a mask.

This basic exchange of goods and services has been around forever. And the concept is easy to understand because it’s tangible. Now, how is TARTLE applying this to data?

It’s Your Data-Driven Cup of Coffee

The internet is everywhere, even when we’re offline. Everything that we do today is being watched, recorded, tracked, and stored somewhere. You are being profiled and monitored for future reference. That’s how the world works right now—but we’re here to say that it doesn’t need to continue like this.

All the information that’s on you is, obviously, yours. You rightfully own your personal information. They’re all the cups of coffee you never got to sell, because someone decided to go ahead and sell them for you.

Your phone, desktop, laptop, Fitbit, Smart TV, iPad, smart refrigerator, car, and basically anything that’s even remotely related to modern technology—all these gadgets are filling out data packets that you deserve to earn from. 

Time to Set Up Your Coffee Shop

So where does TARTLE come in? 

TARTLE lets you consolidate all your personal information so that you can directly sell it to buyers around the world. Think of us as your coffee shop. We are the place that allows you to set up your equipment, brew your cups of coffee, and sell them to the customers that come in. Except we don’t demand that you pay rent, or give us a cut of your profits. You are free to set up shop and sell your data on our platform, always. 

Closing Thoughts

We’ve let big tech make money off of us for far too long. As we continue to innovate new technologies, it’s becoming more crucial for us to create ethical sources of data. 

We want to help forge secure, direct, and authentic connections between buyers and sellers. Helping humanity evolve with technologies that are considerate of our growth on this earth. That’s what TARTLE is about. 

What’s your cup of coffee worth?

Have you ever received a spam message advertising shady get-rich-quick schemes or work-from-home job offers? Chances are, your data and personal information has been pulled off the internet somewhere, and then sold to someone who will send you those texts. 

Sends chills up your spine, right? You have no idea where your data went, how it left, and you never gave your consent to anything in the first place. The only person who benefits from this entire process is the one who sold your information. 

So you’re missing out on two fronts: first, you aren’t getting the money you should be getting for sharing your personal information. Second, you’ve got an unknown entity trying to force a product or service down your throat.

Let’s make ethically sourced leads a thing. With TARTLE, you are fully involved in the lead generation process. You can choose when you share your data and who you’re going to share it with. This way, you can show your support for the buyers on TARTLE who actually have the products and services that are beneficial for you. The buyers, in turn, can find direct data points on the people that fit in their target audience, like you.

And the best part is that you get paid for your efforts. 

Making Data Collection More Accessible for SMEs

More people are staying at home, and the internet has become our point of contact for a variety of purposes: communication, connection, work, and leisure. If you are a small business owner or budding entrepreneur, you know just how crucial it is to build a website that can effectively generate leads and hit your target market.

And if you’ve ever had to do market research, you know just how difficult it can be to find out where your target audience frequents and how you can source the data you need from them. So why don’t you just establish a relationship immediately? Through TARTLE, you can ethically source all the information you need and know that you are participating in a secure, equal transaction. We don’t have any black boxes or bloatware piggybacking on the TARTLE Marketplace. It’s just you, data, and the person at the other end of the transaction.

How Your Journey as a Seller Begins

Your journey as a seller in TARTLE begins when you register, connect your bank account, and fill out your first data packet. Once you’ve saved your information, the platform captures your consent and publishes that data packet. Buyers are now free to go in and buy that information from you.

While you can choose to autosell data packets, you also have the option to manually sell it depending on who is offering a bid. 

If you are a buyer looking for lead generation data packets, you’ve made your target audience a part of the process. It’s not technically a cold lead anymore. It’s a warm lead with a pre-established relationship, qualified ahead of time, and made massively more efficient along the sales pipeline for both buyers and sellers.

Not sure we have what you’re looking for just yet? The beautiful part about TARTLE is that you can create a wish list and decide on the price of each lead based on your budget. Our platform is optimized to fit the budget of any business, regardless of size. 

Closing Thoughts

Let’s hone in on the importance of ethical data sourcing.

There’s a reason why the world’s largest tech companies are having to go before politicians and explain themselves. Data is becoming an incredibly important part of our lives. It’s our footprint on the internet, almost an extension of our identity.

The reality that we are mass producing data by the second means that it is the backbone of the future. By virtue of existing, we are creating tons of data. And we need to be proactive, to start giving businesses and other entities the opportunity to ethically source data. 

What’s your data worth?

What possibilities can we explore in a world where everyone can get direct access to the technologies they need to go beyond? What if you could access a whole new dimension of analysis for your business?

In this episode, Alexander McCaig and Jason Rigby discuss how TARTLE’s API can benefit organizations, especially startups, all over the world.

Free, Accessible, and Flexible API

Alexander McCaig makes it very clear in the podcast: TARTLE has worked hard to create a public-facing API. The document is available for anybody who becomes a buyer on TARTLE; once they’ve signed up and had their accounts verified, they can come in and connect their servers to ours.

No paywall. No fuss. Just this chance to supercharge your startup.

This is an opportunity for people to enhance their work—regardless of whether it’s a product, service, or app—by having those direct conversations with TARTLE’s servers. It’s designed to be developer-friendly, and to encourage you to be creative. We give you the opportunity to get direct feedback into your target market.

So How Do You Get Started?

The first step is to head over to our website and sign up as a buyer. After that, you can take a look at our API documentation. It’s short and sweet, composed of only seven to 10 lines of code.

After that, you can pull it into your staging servers and run tests on the data you can pull down, to make sure it works.

You can contact us to obtain your API credentials for production and we’ll get back to you as fast as possible. Regardless of whether you are a startup in the United States or anywhere else around the world, TARTLE wants to empower you. We want you to supercharge your data sets, algorithms, and products and services through our API.

What makes us different is this: we do not charge you for calling on the API. Our platform is completely free. In status quo, other businesses would charge you for every single time you access the API. To make matters worse, everything is on a contract basis—so it’s all out of control.

The New Normal, and More

Remote work? Flexible working hours? These new trends aren’t just a consequence of the COVID-19 pandemic (although it’s definitely helped companies adopt these practices faster). Even before these practices became widespread, companies have expressed interest in changing. In putting people first before profits. And they need technology that can do the same thing.

We are driven to do better and be better for the next generation. We’ve seen one too many tech companies growing into big, amalgamous entities that just grab whatever data they can get from people, using it without getting any clear consent from the data source, and definitely not compensating everybody for its use.

We are all consumers, participating in a system that should also work for us. TARTLE is built to make this possibility a reality.

Closing Thoughts

The TARTLE buyer API will allow for powerful new features for buyers to request and collect data.  Providing a free and easy to use API empowers data buyers to build on top of the TARTLE platform, which in turn improves liquidity for data sellers.  

Developer-focused tools for buyers represent a mature evolution of TARTLE toward a fair and equitable meeting place for exchange of personal data.  It is our goal to place the tools into the hands of data buyers to create things beyond our own imagination, and we look forward to the interesting uses which will be built on top of our platform.

What’s your data worth? Sign up for the TARTLE Marketplace through this link here.

Have you ever felt like you could dedicate yourself to a cause that would span generations? It could be anything: a business, an infrastructure, even an idea. If you have, then you’re one of the lucky few.

If you haven’t, consider why you don’t have the time, energy, or money to put into finding your passion. When you are working a regular 9-to-5 and still struggling to make ends meet on a day to day basis, thinking long-term can seem nonsensical. 

That’s what living under our current economic system does to us. Why bother coming up with any energy for multigenerational thought and purpose when the here and now is taking up all that space?

In this episode, Alexander McCaig and Jason Rigby highlight the importance of eliminating the middleman in wealth creation—and how you can use the TARTLE Marketplace to sell your data.

It’s Time to Take Control of Your Data

Currently, the methods we use to source data are unreliable. We don’t know where it’s from, who’s touched it, and whether it is ethically sourced. There is an urgent need for a data marketplace that can facilitate the exchange of information in a transparent and accessible manner.

In addition, people on the ground like us don’t realize the potential of taking control of our data because the default is to just give it away to big tech companies on a regular basis. Yes, your personal information is being tracked and sold by your favorite social media and e-commerce sites. Now, we dare to ask the question: are you ready for the opportunity to profit from your data? Your personal thought processes and life experiences?

With TARTLE, this is possible. As a seller, you can transact directly with organizations that you believe in so that you have unmediated access to further that cause. The Marketplace is currently capable of ingesting satellite data, data from your Apple Watch, and more.

In the future, we’re working on expanding into other data sets for a more personalized experience. Imagine a world where you, and only you, have the power to sell data from your bank accounts, ancestry accounts, genetic code, health records, and audio information. At first glance, it looks like a massive responsibility—but doesn’t it also sound liberating? To know that you are at the forefront of data management?

Stop relying on a middle man when it comes to your information when you can have buyers get that data directly from you.

Bring Back Humanity in Wealth Creation

In the grand scheme of evolutionary development, the habit of creating wealth can only be cultivated when people are driven to seek these opportunities. The CEO of TARTLE, Alexander McCaig, shares in this episode how he actually grew up poor. Part of TARTLE’s mission is to help alleviate those in poverty. We know that we can make this happen when we give those in marginalized communities access to the tools and learning experiences they need to grow.

The devastating reality is that our current system takes away the humanity aspect of wealth creation. One example discussed in the episode was how winemakers may feel pressured to cut corners just to keep up with demand. This includes adding water to their wine, using cheaper produce, tampering with fermentation time, and more. In the long run, they continue to maintain an image of high quality while interfering with the true potential of their product.

With TARTLE, we want to help you rediscover humanity. These old systems are slowly detaching us from the reality of what is occurring. So we want you to challenge yourself to reattach to human beings. Create real relationships. Help people create real value in their lives by realizing your value in yourself. In the long run, choosing TARTLE is choosing to support the world.

What’s your data worth? Sign up for the TARTLE Marketplace through the link here.

What would it take to make humanity switch to an economic system that sits within the laws of nature? One that is capable of evolving and becoming stronger over time?

The problem with our modern economic system and banks is that these entities believe that they are above the laws of nature; that they are gods capable of making humanity bend to their will and personal ambition.

In the second half of a two-part series, Alexander McCaig and Jason Rigby continue discussing the problem with our banking system—and why we need to provide an alternative to the modern economic system we’ve come to rely on today.

Why Are You Still Trusting Banks?

The reality is that banks are an archaic system, and that it’s a dressed-up way to have someone else carry your money. 

As Alexander McCaig and Jason Rigby discuss: say you had a million dollars. To deposit this amount into a bank, you would need to open up multiple accounts because a single account is only insured up to a quarter of a million. Once you’re done with that, try withdrawing your money after six months.

Chances are, your bank of choice (or any bank, for that matter) won’t be able to give it to you straight away. This is because they’re taking your money and making money off of it. It’s how banks survive in the larger economic system. 

So what would it take to create a system where you don’t need to pay such a heavy price just for storing your money? 

The TARTLE Wallet eliminates the need for banks. It’s accessible at any time, completely free to use, and controlled exclusively by its owner. Nobody has access to your money, or will profit off of your money, except you.

Are You Ready for the Collapse of Our Economic System?

Here’s another sobering reality: the economic system we currently function in is incredibly fragile. Everybody’s living off of borrowed money. Once people sense the slightest disruption, they’ll feel compelled to sell all their assets and everything will collapse.

And who gets to benefit from this entire set-up? Maybe it could be the one percent, who are taking your money through taxes and inflation. It could also be the government. 

But it definitely won’t be you. Or us. Millennials can’t buy houses, the elderly are in a pension crisis, everyone’s struggling under the weight of carrying this system.  We need a new system that is openly available, low friction, and has a beneficial effect on the environment.

Closing Thoughts: The Start of a True “Free Market”

With the TARTLE Marketplace, you have an opportunity to participate in a system that is designed to evolve and stand the test of time. Our current economic system is not built with the best interests of humanity at heart. It only serves to benefit the elite, and it’s time to change that.

The idea of taking control over everything that you have, and everything that it can be, sounds overwhelming. We’ve never had the chance to choose how our money and our work will generate profit without giving a percentage of it to third parties. But imagine the power to see how far you can go based on your own efforts.

We feel incredibly passionate about making financial stability and personal empowerment accessible through the creation of a better, stronger economic system. That’s why we created the TARTLE platform—so that everyone can find their personal strength and financial footing through measurable, data-driven participation.

What’s your data worth? Sign up for the TARTLE Marketplace through the link here.

The bigger your dreams and ambitions, the tougher your setbacks and critics. Those who have followed the podcast or invested in the TARTLE platform since the start know that the marketplace is a product of years of hard work, research, funding, and more. 

It’s the brainchild of a group of people who want to use modern technologies for a noble goal: the evolution of humanity.

In a world where we are becoming increasingly isolated from each other and individualistic in our movements, TARTLE is an opportunity to reconnect to the common thread that holds us together through the digital medium. 

Alexander McCaig and Jason Rigby take the opportunity to take the internet trolls head-on and discuss: is the marketplace scamming us?


Without wasting any time, Alexander McCaig and Jason Rigby jumped straight into the heart of the issue: some users may not have realized that to earn from the platform, time and effort is involved.

Yes, the TARTLE marketplace aims to make data champions out of today’s netizens. But as netizens, you also have a responsibility to put in the work so that you can earn. The minute you register and connect your Paypal to your account, you can start filling out the data packets immediately. 

We don’t offer a get-rich-quick scheme for people looking to make easy money. Taking back control of our data is difficult. It does not just call for us to put in the physical work, but the mental work of changing our perspective as well. 

The power to earn comes with the responsibility to fill out data packets, put them up for sale, research on causes that we identify with, and wait for buyers from these causes to pick up the packets that have been filled out.

It’s an opportunity for important causes to retrieve data directly from the source, and compensate you for your hard work as well.

What TARTLE Stands For

TARTLE hopes to become a platform that fosters data champions. The simple act of filling out a data packet is one step forward in empowering yourself to become more accountable and responsible over your data. 

At every step, you have full control over the opportunities given to you. Once you sign up, you choose the data packets you want to fill out. Once that’s over, you can sell it to companies or causes that are dear to you.

It sounds simple because we’ve worked on making the platform as intuitive as possible. But being completely responsible for your data is a heady, empowering feeling. Imagine all the time and effort you put in Facebook, Twitter or Instagram is converted into payment and valuable data for the companies, organizations, and causes that you believe in. 

That’s what TARTLE can do for you.

Closing Thoughts: The World With Big Data

Technology is becoming increasingly complex, efficient, and all-encompassing. It’s evolving and we need to evolve alongside it as well. The question is, how involved are we in the progress of modern machinery? If we look at the entire process of logging onto the internet and interacting with our favorite websites and applications, do we still derive some benefit from our work at the end?

Everybody deserves to be compensated for putting plenty of time and effort into a certain endeavor. When it comes to the internet, we deserve to be compensated for crafting a unique user identity. We currently live in a world where big tech corporations take our data and profit on it themselves. Doesn’t that sound more like a scam than the work done on the TARTLE platform?

Don’t let the comfort of modern living distract you from asking:

What’s your data worth?

When we’re so used to just following instructions, it can be tough to try and question who truly benefits in the grand scheme of things. We barely give a second thought when it comes to paying off our monthly dues to Netflix, Spotify, and whatever subscription business models we use to entertain ourselves.

However, we need to start digging deeper. If we don’t start asking the right questions, we continue to feed a system that will shamelessly continue to take our information so that the nameless entities at the top will benefit. 

We also need to start looking into mobilizing on the grass roots level, looking for the right tools and equipment to empower our journey in reclaiming our data.

In this podcast, Alexander McCaig and Jason Rigby engage in a quick question-and-answer style discussion on micropayments, data rights, and how we can use TARTLE to better humanity.

Making Micropayments Possible

We have plenty of payment platforms that allow us to send money to our loved ones and pay for services, regardless of location. However, they often come with hefty fees. This makes it difficult to send micropayments.

As Alexander McCaig pointed out, micropayments are incredibly important in a world where most people live on less than two dollars and thirty cents a day. The fundamentals of this system do not work; online banking methods, and even bitcoin do not handle the process in a way that is fair for the user. Imagine paying more in fees just to pay for your streaming service, or send money to your family in your home country. 

The world needs a platform where people can send both small amounts and large sums as they need to, without any strings attached. No subscriptions or fees needed, nor personal data exchanged.

And speaking of data…

What’s With the Data Farming?

Jason Rigby shared how, in the past, glass beads were used as a form of currency in Africa. However, other people saw an opportunity to mass-manufacture these beads in factories across Europe. On the surface, they looked like generous benefactors with plenty of beads to help the local economy— but behind the facade, they were not sourcing it economically nor considering the user at all. They successfully squeezed everything they could out of the locals.

Fast forward to today and we find ourselves trapped in a similar situation. The monthly subscription business models offered by our favorite entertainment apps, like Spotify and Netflix, give us the opportunity to access all the music and shows we want—but at what cost?

In this exchange, these companies get away with farming millions of people around the world for their data. It’s not just a hit to our privacy. It’s an avenue for them to earn at our expense. The underground data collection and massive aggregation of information

It’s time for us to mobilize and start the clamor for more equal rights. To do that, we need a platform where we are all treated as equals.

That’s where TARTLE comes in.

TARTLE: The Great Equalizer

The TARTLE platform gives you the opportunity to earn at your own pace, with complete knowledge of what you’re getting into. No smoke and mirrors are attached to our offer; all you need to do is sign up, fill out data packets, and put it up for sale. 

In this way, you can make sure that you are earning money for causes that support humanity’s next step forward. On TARTLE, we are all sharing in the wealth of information.

What’s your data worth?

It’s time for you to find out.

Sign up for the TARTLE Marketplace through the link here.