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Join Alexander as he welcomes Glenn Gow to TCAST. Together, they discuss his work as “the architect of CEOs” and the key to success for leaders with a vision.

Having an Educational Mindset 

According to Glenn, everyone in the Olympics has at least one coach in the back room giving them the motivation and training they need to become high performers. The key to unlocking optimal performance is cultivating an educational mindset and a healthy sense of self-awareness.

The Key to High Performance: Adaptation

A CEO’s main challenge is to scale alongside their business. This means that they need to move from managing everything across the board to delegating these tasks to experts who are capable of running it on their behalf. As a result, the CEO’s time is freed and they can focus on bringing more value to the organization.

The challenge is that as their organization grows, the strengths that CEOs initially brought to the table may not necessarily be the strengths that it needs to maintain momentum. At this point, the objective perspective of a coach may be necessary for the rising CEO to figure out how they should approach this opportunity for growth.

Scaling With the Business

One of the indicators that leaders are struggling with the call for growth is in revenue measurement. Typically, CEOs want to grow rapidly and have a plan in place to make that happen. But when the business commits and the team fails to hit the target, the pressure is on - from the board of directors, or the CEOs themselves.

Glenn emphasizes that the unique aspect about being a CEO is that you have ultimate responsibility over the entire business. It’s up to you to find the answers to key questions like: what does the management team of your scaling business look like? How about the organizational structure? What work culture has been set in place and how do newcomers to the business understand the essence of that culture? 

Self-responsibility will play a key role in the lives of successful leaders. With that said: do you think you’ve got what it takes?

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