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January 6, 2022

Is the TARTLE Marketplace a Massive Scam? Find Out Now

Is the TARTLE Marketplace a Massive Scam

Is the TARTLE Marketplace a Massive Scam? Find Out Now


The bigger your dreams and ambitions, the tougher your setbacks and critics. Those who have followed the podcast or invested in the TARTLE platform since the start know that the marketplace is a product of years of hard work, research, funding, and more. 

It’s the brainchild of a group of people who want to use modern technologies for a noble goal: the evolution of humanity.

In a world where we are becoming increasingly isolated from each other and individualistic in our movements, TARTLE is an opportunity to reconnect to the common thread that holds us together through the digital medium. 

Alexander McCaig and Jason Rigby take the opportunity to take the internet trolls head-on and discuss: is the marketplace scamming us?


Without wasting any time, Alexander McCaig and Jason Rigby jumped straight into the heart of the issue: some users may not have realized that to earn from the platform, time and effort is involved.

Yes, the TARTLE marketplace aims to make data champions out of today’s netizens. But as netizens, you also have a responsibility to put in the work so that you can earn. The minute you register and connect your Paypal to your account, you can start filling out the data packets immediately. 

We don’t offer a get-rich-quick scheme for people looking to make easy money. Taking back control of our data is difficult. It does not just call for us to put in the physical work, but the mental work of changing our perspective as well. 

The power to earn comes with the responsibility to fill out data packets, put them up for sale, research on causes that we identify with, and wait for buyers from these causes to pick up the packets that have been filled out.

It’s an opportunity for important causes to retrieve data directly from the source, and compensate you for your hard work as well.

What TARTLE Stands For

TARTLE hopes to become a platform that fosters data champions. The simple act of filling out a data packet is one step forward in empowering yourself to become more accountable and responsible over your data. 

At every step, you have full control over the opportunities given to you. Once you sign up, you choose the data packets you want to fill out. Once that’s over, you can sell it to companies or causes that are dear to you.

It sounds simple because we’ve worked on making the platform as intuitive as possible. But being completely responsible for your data is a heady, empowering feeling. Imagine all the time and effort you put in Facebook, Twitter or Instagram is converted into payment and valuable data for the companies, organizations, and causes that you believe in. 

That’s what TARTLE can do for you.

Closing Thoughts: The World With Big Data

Technology is becoming increasingly complex, efficient, and all-encompassing. It’s evolving and we need to evolve alongside it as well. The question is, how involved are we in the progress of modern machinery? If we look at the entire process of logging onto the internet and interacting with our favorite websites and applications, do we still derive some benefit from our work at the end?

Everybody deserves to be compensated for putting plenty of time and effort into a certain endeavor. When it comes to the internet, we deserve to be compensated for crafting a unique user identity. We currently live in a world where big tech corporations take our data and profit on it themselves. Doesn’t that sound more like a scam than the work done on the TARTLE platform?

Don’t let the comfort of modern living distract you from asking:

What’s your data worth?

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For those who are hard of hearing – the episode transcript can be read below:


Alexander McCaig (00:06):

Listen, we're back. This has been just gripping my mind.

Jason Rigby (00:13):

Like this? Like grip? Like a gorilla grip?

Alexander McCaig (00:16):

Yeah. Just-

Jason Rigby (00:17):

I wonder what the pressure is of a gorilla grip?

Alexander McCaig (00:20):

Skull cracking.

Jason Rigby (00:21):

Yeah, I bet he could palm your head and just crack your skull.

Alexander McCaig (00:24):

Just pop it like a balloon.

Jason Rigby (00:25):


Alexander McCaig (00:27):

Maybe we can ask someone.

Jason Rigby (00:30):

Didn't you do sign language with gorillas?

Alexander McCaig (00:33):

Do gorillas do sign language?

Jason Rigby (00:35):

I think they do.

Alexander McCaig (00:36):


Jason Rigby (00:37):

I know [crosstalk 00:00:38].

Alexander McCaig (00:38):

Can you crack my skull with your bare hand?

Jason Rigby (00:41):

I was watching them fight the other day on Twitter. Gorillas, dude, they are so fast.

Alexander McCaig (00:47):

I'm scared, dude.

Jason Rigby (00:49):

They just freaking run out of the jungle. Two of them were running, and they were leaping and running. It looked like in a movie, like the Marvel guys.

Alexander McCaig (00:57):


Jason Rigby (00:58):

That's what it looked like and then they jumped in the air, like 15 feet.

Alexander McCaig (01:02):

Yeah, totally.

Jason Rigby (01:03):

Boom, boom, just smashing each other. It was so awesome. So this is how gripping this thought that you had.

Alexander McCaig (01:10):

This thought is to me by the way, I'm totally disinterested in getting beat up by a gorilla, in case anyone's-

Jason Rigby (01:13):

You would die instantly.

Alexander McCaig (01:14):

Yeah. We get comments due to individuals lack of patience sometimes, or other individuals saying that TARTLE's a scam. Nothing, nothing-

Jason Rigby (01:30):

Over and over and over again.

Alexander McCaig (01:32):

Nothing pains me more than people saying that this is a scam. Right? First of all, what is a scam let's define that.

Jason Rigby (01:44):

Let's look it up.

Alexander McCaig (01:45):

Facebook, scam. Right? Okay.

Jason Rigby (01:50):

Government stealing your data.

Alexander McCaig (01:51):

Yeah. Scam.

Jason Rigby (01:52):


Alexander McCaig (01:52):

US dollar, scam. Banking system, scam. TARTLE, not scam. You want to know why? We didn't ask you to pay into something. It's completely free for you to. Right? It's like I threw a shovel on the ground and I said, "Well, go build your empire." Was there a scam? Did I sell you with smoking mirrors? No, this is what this is. Okay. This is a system, a tool that you, the user need to be responsible for. Okay. Sign up. Do the work, be patient. You haven't paid into anything. All you have is the probability of earning something from being a part of something.

Jason Rigby (02:35):

You are also an early adopter. So, we're getting more and more buyers on the system. So as we get more and more buyers, we're going to have more buyers that are going to want your data.

Alexander McCaig (02:44):

Yeah, correct.

Jason Rigby (02:44):

So it's a marketplace. There's a seller. And there's a buyer. It's really, really simple.

Alexander McCaig (02:50):

You guys we're trying to keep this-

Jason Rigby (02:51):

So the more data packets you fill out, the more potential you have of a buyer wanting to buy that data packet.

Alexander McCaig (02:56):

From you. Yeah.

Jason Rigby (02:57):

Yes. From you. It's if you're it's that simple.

Alexander McCaig (02:59):

If you don't like your outcomes work harder.

Jason Rigby (03:03):

But I've seen this too. Because I've talked to a lot of people on this. You go in, you sign up real quick, you spend two or three minutes and then you're like, "Where's my money?" Nothing in life works that way.

Alexander McCaig (03:13):

Do we look like the US government? That's not what it is. We're asking you to be responsible for your information.

Jason Rigby (03:25):

So how is that a scam?

Alexander McCaig (03:26):

There's no scam.

Alexander McCaig (03:27):

And guys, no offense. We got to tell ya. There's a lot of asking questions. We create a lot of educational material.

Jason Rigby (03:34):


Alexander McCaig (03:35):

Right? And there, lot of people making a lot of videos.

Jason Rigby (03:38):

Well, yeah. You could just type in TARTLE on YouTube, but here's the thing that people have to understand. Why would we, you and I, or anyone at TARTLE, any employee at TARTLE, sit here and here's a free tool it's available in 200 something countries.

Alexander McCaig (03:56):


Jason Rigby (03:57):

All we're asking you is to take responsibility, sign up, fill out data packets. We're not going to sit there... and it's free for you to do this and then turn around and be like you say, "I don't know what I'm doing. Help me sign up." That's not the way it works.

Alexander McCaig (04:12):


Jason Rigby (04:13):

That's not human work. You need to put in the effort.

Alexander McCaig (04:15):

You have to put in the effort we-

Jason Rigby (04:16):

Take responsibility for yourself.

Alexander McCaig (04:17):

We can only hold your hands so far. And then you have to take the leap. And we're not going to sit here like Mr. Burns and be like, "Ooh, look at all the people we're scamming."

Jason Rigby (04:25):


Alexander McCaig (04:26):

No. We've come here to fundamentally say that this is different. Different for the benefit of human beings.

Jason Rigby (04:33):

But everybody-

Alexander McCaig (04:34):

You think we would sit here?

Jason Rigby (04:36):

No, I think this is really important that we're talking about this.

Alexander McCaig (04:37):

Do you think you would come in here and you would you and who you are and what you're doing and what you say, the people you know, your reputation. Would you come in here to say, "I just want to scam the world."

Jason Rigby (04:45):

No. I want people to think about this. This is a philosophy that's very, very important. Would you want somebody, this is TARTLE marketplace-

Alexander McCaig (04:54):

Jacked up.

Jason Rigby (04:55):

So I want somebody to imagine the marketplace to be their home.

Alexander McCaig (04:58):


Jason Rigby (04:59):

And then would you want somebody to come into your home, spend a minute or two with you, you don't know who they are, and then they start going through your cupboards, grabbing food, grabbing stuff, taking dishes, keeping things-

Alexander McCaig (05:09):

Making a mess.

Jason Rigby (05:10):

And then complaining because it's not easy access for them.

Alexander McCaig (05:12):

It's not how they like it.

Jason Rigby (05:13):

It's like, "Why do you have this? This isn't nice enough. I want this." Do you see what I'm saying?

Alexander McCaig (05:19):

Interesting metaphor. I like it.

Jason Rigby (05:20):

Yeah. Yeah. No, but it's very important that they understand this because now if somebody came to you and they said, "Hey, I'm hungry. I need help. I'm willing to work for you. I'll clean your house. I'll help you in your farm. And they do like 12, 15 hours worth of really hard work."

Alexander McCaig (05:36):

Oh yeah.

Jason Rigby (05:37):

And then you turn around, you want to share a meal with them?

Alexander McCaig (05:40):

Of course.

Jason Rigby (05:41):

You want to say, "Hey, sit down with me. Let's make this meal together."

Alexander McCaig (05:44):


Jason Rigby (05:45):

And that's what the TARTLE marketplace. It's humans getting together, sharing their work.

Alexander McCaig (05:50):

That's exactly what it is.

Jason Rigby (05:51):

Not you coming in saying, "What am I going to get for free." And "Give, give, give to me." No, it's us sharing together.

Alexander McCaig (05:59):


Jason Rigby (06:00):

That's the philosophy of TARTLE.

Alexander McCaig (06:01):

If we look at the world as, "I just want to take, take, take, take, take. I deserve, deserve, deserves, deserve. And I don't want to put in any work, work, work." That's where the world fails.

Jason Rigby (06:12):

Yes, because there are people-

Alexander McCaig (06:14):

Look at history-

Jason Rigby (06:15):

There are people that will take advantage of that.

Alexander McCaig (06:17):

They do take advantage of it. And they'll take advantage of you having that mindset.

Jason Rigby (06:22):


Alexander McCaig (06:23):

You will have no free will over what you do.

Jason Rigby (06:25):

They will make you so comfortable.

Alexander McCaig (06:27):

They'll make you so comfortable by giving, giving, giving, giving, giving. And you're just like, "Yeah, this feels so good. Getting all this free stuff." And what happens? You get blindsided, screwed in the end. People abuse the situation.

Jason Rigby (06:37):

They always will because, we talked about this before, but government is force.

Alexander McCaig (06:43):

It's force.

Jason Rigby (06:45):

There is no force-

Alexander McCaig (06:46):


Jason Rigby (06:47):


Alexander McCaig (06:48):

Listen guys. TARTLE don't scam yourself. How about that?

Jason Rigby (06:54):


Alexander McCaig (06:55):

Don't scam yourself. Wake up, smell the Ethiopian coffee.

Jason Rigby (06:58):


Alexander McCaig (06:59):

Right? Realize that it's time to be responsible for your information. It's time to start sharing information. It's time to better understand your neighbors so that we can help this world thrive.

Jason Rigby (07:10):

And if you sign up for TARTLE, get involved. Sign up for the emails, go online. Listen to these podcasts, get involved, be a part of-

Alexander McCaig (07:19):

Create some content.

Jason Rigby (07:20):

There is no one that becomes a champion, unless they put in a lot of hard work.

Alexander McCaig (07:26):

It doesn't happen. It's not an overnight thing.

Jason Rigby (07:29):

It doesn't happen overnight. No. What makes, when you watch the Olympics, what makes a great champion?

Alexander McCaig (07:34):


Alexander McCaig (07:35):

And work.

Alexander McCaig (07:36):

Pressure, consistency, willpower. I don't know. Couple of things. It's work.

Jason Rigby (07:41):

And it's not really that hard. It's filling out data packets and then being patient a buyer will come along and purchase your data.

Alexander McCaig (07:47):


Jason Rigby (07:48):

And the bigger TARTLE grows. The more abundance there is for us all.

Alexander McCaig (07:52):

Yeah. That's all it is.

Jason Rigby (07:54):

If you feel it's a scam, there's set rules we have as long as your not scamming us.

Alexander McCaig (08:01):

It's like, you're not trying to scam us.

Jason Rigby (08:02):

We're talking about a shit load of those people.

Alexander McCaig (08:03):

Yeah. We know you're out there.

Jason Rigby (08:05):

We catch on to that shit.

Alexander McCaig (08:07):

We catch you guys very quickly.

Jason Rigby (08:08):

I think a lot of those comments are from those.

Alexander McCaig (08:10):

The most of them are from them. The people that whine the loudest are the biggest scammers.

Jason Rigby (08:15):

The dishonesty.

Alexander McCaig (08:16):


Jason Rigby (08:17):

Yeah. Because they can hide behind that firewall.

Alexander McCaig (08:19):

Guys we know, we're not that dumb.

Jason Rigby (08:21):


Alexander McCaig (08:22):

You know.

Jason Rigby (08:23):

And we can look up your user and then go to TARTLE.

Alexander McCaig (08:25):

Yeah. Yeah. Okay. Wow. Why is this IP address trying to create 50,000 accounts at once?

Jason Rigby (08:30):

And temporary emails and all that bullshit.

Alexander McCaig (08:33):

Yeah. Nice job.

Jason Rigby (08:34):

So if somebody wants to earn money right now, how can they do it?

Alexander McCaig (08:36):

Right now? All right. Here's the quickest way to do it. Right? Go to tartle.co, hit Get Started. Get in there.

Jason Rigby (08:42):

You get-

Alexander McCaig (08:43):

We reward for work.

Jason Rigby (08:44):


Alexander McCaig (08:45):

Yeah. Oh and by the way, well doing it, fill some data packets.

Jason Rigby (08:47):


Alexander McCaig (08:48):

Do you know how many people have been paid for the retail data packet?

Jason Rigby (08:49):


Alexander McCaig (08:50):

Do you know how many people have been paid for their social determinants of health data?

Alexander McCaig (08:53):

Yeah. If you want to get scammed, go use another big tech system.

Jason Rigby (08:57):

Yes. But not TARTLE.

Alexander McCaig (08:58):

But not TARTLE. We will not stand for being called something. We are absolutely not. That is absurd. We respect human rights. We respect the planet. We respect you. Even if you want to be negatively oriented, that's your choice. And we respect the fact that you make choices, but understand we are here and we will continue to support those data champions that put in the work. Hands down.

Jason Rigby (09:21):

Yeah. Get involved.

Alexander McCaig (09:22):

Yeah. And if you want to find the opportunities to change your life for a positive way and help change the planet at the same time, sign up at TARTLE. I want you to feel good every single day. I want you to feel good for sharing. I want you to be rewarded for sharing.

Jason Rigby (09:37):

And being a productive human in this globe. There's what, seven and a half million of us.

Alexander McCaig (09:41):

We need it. We need the help.

Jason Rigby (09:42):


Alexander McCaig (09:43):

The world needs the help. It really does.

Jason Rigby (09:46):

And it's sickening to see there's a small group of companies and people that are taking everybody's data. That's the scam.

Alexander McCaig (09:56):

That's the scam. That's the scam. Since the early 2000s, you've been getting scammed with technology. You thought your cellphone was great. It's all been scam. The tides are changing. So get ahead of the curve. Use the tool. It's right here for you. Sign up tartle.co.

Speaker 3 (10:12):

Thank you for listening to TARTLECAST with your hosts, Alexander McCaig and Jason Rigby. Where humanity steps into the future. And restores data defines the path. What's your data worth?