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Tartle Best Data Marketplace
Tartle Best Data Marketplace
Tartle Best Data Marketplace
Tartle Best Data Marketplace
July 13, 2021

Get Paid Now. Earn Money. Invite Friends and Family to TARTLE! (Refer to Earn USD and TARTLEcoin)

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What is a referral?

A referral is when you invite friends and family to join TARTLE, and when 11 sign up and link their Facebook account, TARTLE pays you!

How do I earn money and TARTLEcoin from referrals?

To earn money from referrals, you must share your personal referral code to your friends and family which they will use to sign up. When the code has been redeemed 11 times, and they have linked their Facebook account, we will pay you $3 USD and TARTLEcoin. *

How do I get started inviting friends and family now?

In order to start earning money and TARTLEcoin, you must go to the INVITE FRIENDS tab in the app. You can enter the email address of your friends or family and share directly to your Facebook Feed. Facebook is most times the best option for getting paid quicker.

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For those who are hard of hearing – the episode transcript can be read below:


Alexander McCaig (00:00):

All right, everybody. Welcome back to TARTLE Cast. This is a walkthrough on inviting your friends.

Jason Rigby (00:13):

Are you going to like take their hand and walk them through?

Alexander McCaig (00:15):

That's typically what we have to do.

Jason Rigby (00:17):

We're going to come to their country.

Alexander McCaig (00:18):

We're going to help you guys out.

Jason Rigby (00:20):

We're going to put out the TARTLE red carpet.

Alexander McCaig (00:22):


Jason Rigby (00:22):

We're going to grab you by the hand. Some countries, it's not an issue to hold hands.

Alexander McCaig (00:26):

No, I don't mind holding hands.

Jason Rigby (00:28):

The United States, two guys holding hands, not cool.

Alexander McCaig (00:30):

I mean, why do people frown upon that?

Jason Rigby (00:32):

I don't understand that.

Alexander McCaig (00:33):

I don't understand that.

Jason Rigby (00:33):

I always love watching the presidents with the Saudi Arabian sheiks and stuff.

Alexander McCaig (00:37):


Jason Rigby (00:38):

Because they're like...

Alexander McCaig (00:39):

They stand so far apart from one another and they're in the room and they're all like stiff.

Jason Rigby (00:45):

Yeah. It's always fun watching military intelligence guys and big SEAL team leaders and stuff like that. And they're having to kiss guys on the cheeks and stuff. You know they're just inside like...

Alexander McCaig (00:56):

Crippling inside.

Jason Rigby (00:57):


Alexander McCaig (00:57):

Well, guess what, culture is culture. Right?

Jason Rigby (01:00):

Culture is culture. Yeah.

Alexander McCaig (01:01):

Do as the Romans do.

Jason Rigby (01:01):

But this, what we're fixing to introduce right now for everyone goes, it's culture free for everyone.

Alexander McCaig (01:08):

This is great. Anybody, any culture can do this and no one's going to put you in a box for doing it.

Jason Rigby (01:13):

So let me ask you this because I want to interrupt you, because I really don't want to watch this video unless I'm going to make some money.

Alexander McCaig (01:18):

Okay. So let's tell you how you're going to make some money.

Jason Rigby (01:19):

Okay. So let's go right into how... Now is this like fake money? Is this real money?

Alexander McCaig (01:24):

No, this is legitimate money.

Jason Rigby (01:25):

What kind of money?

Alexander McCaig (01:25):

This is US Dollar.

Jason Rigby (01:27):

And how do I get the US Dollar?

Alexander McCaig (01:28):

This is great. To get US Dollar, you're going to log into TARTLE and you're going to go to the Invite Friends page. All right?

Jason Rigby (01:34):

And I can get US Dollars right now for doing this?

Alexander McCaig (01:36):

Right at this very moment.

Jason Rigby (01:37):


Alexander McCaig (01:38):

Okay? We will pay you $3 US, three of it, which is huge. Feed yourself for a week or for two weeks, which is fantastic. If you invite 11 of your friends and family, they sign up and link their Facebook accounts underneath your coupon code, we'll pay you that.

Jason Rigby (01:55):

Can I do this twice?

Alexander McCaig (01:56):

You can do it as many times as you want, and we'll continue to pay you $3 every time you do this. And we'll give you TARTLE coin on top of it. And because you're an early adopter, because you're jumping on this, you get double the amount of TARTLE coin anybody normally would once this thing's fully rolling out in the future.

Jason Rigby (02:09):

Okay. What's the catch?

Alexander McCaig (02:10):

No catch.

Jason Rigby (02:11):

So, okay. So how do I do this specifically? Because, I want to make sure I understand this.

Alexander McCaig (02:15):

Okay. So let's just fundamentally make this clear. You've joined TARTLE because you look for economic opportunity, you want to share a truth, and you see that there's great value in this marketplace. So when you go on to the TARTLE Marketplace here, you're going to go up into your Settings panel and you're going to click on Invite Friends. It's very clear. You'll probably see like a bag of money that sits next to it for an icon. Once you're in there, you have two options. And that's what you're seeing up here on the screen right now.

Jason Rigby (02:40):

Will it look the same on mobile?

Alexander McCaig (02:42):

On mobile, it's going to look like this. Actually, I don't know what it's going to look like.

Jason Rigby (02:46):

I think it's pretty close.

Alexander McCaig (02:47):

It's almost exactly the same. Right? But I'm showing you the desktop version. So you have the option of putting in the emails individually. That may be laborious, maybe you don't know your friends' emails, whatever, but that will share them a direct email with your specific coupon code that sits in it, your referral code for them to sign up under with TARTLE. If they do this-

Jason Rigby (03:06):

So you just go in there and paste, however many. If I want to paste all my friends and family, so I have 50 emails.

Alexander McCaig (03:10):

Okay. Put them in.

Jason Rigby (03:11):

So I just paste them all in there because I need 11 of them to sign up.

Alexander McCaig (03:14):

Yeah. Or if all 50 signed up, you're making good money.

Jason Rigby (03:16):

Yeah. There we go. Yeah.

Alexander McCaig (03:18):

All right? And now we've done you one better. Most of everyone that signs up on TARTLE has a Facebook. So you can share this post about you being on TARTLE, taking ownership of your data with your referral code on it. And everybody that clicks on that through your Facebook network, that signs up on TARTLE, you're going to get paid for every 11.

Jason Rigby (03:39):

So you might as well be posting that every day.

Alexander McCaig (03:40):

If you've got thousands of friends, you better be posting this every single day. That increases your odds of getting paid.

Jason Rigby (03:44):


Alexander McCaig (03:44):

When's the last time you posted something on Facebook and you got paid to do so?

Jason Rigby (03:48):

Can't remember. None.

Alexander McCaig (03:48):

I can't remember the last time.

Jason Rigby (03:49):


Alexander McCaig (03:50):

So all you got to do is click on this Share on Facebook Now button. I'm going to click on it. You're going to get a pop up. You're going to log in. And then you're going to immediately get a thing that says post. And that's all you got to do. And you can do this every single day. You can do it every hour if you want to. The more you do this, the higher probability you have of getting paid.

Jason Rigby (04:07):

So once again, let's go over this so I understand, so I can make sure that I'm getting $3 US-

Alexander McCaig (04:16):

$3 US plus TARTLE coin.

Jason Rigby (04:18):

Plus TARTLE coin. So I go to tartle.co.

Alexander McCaig (04:20):


Jason Rigby (04:21):

And then I go... What screen do I go to again?

Alexander McCaig (04:23):

You go onto your settings panel.

Jason Rigby (04:24):


Alexander McCaig (04:25):

You click on Invite Friends.

Jason Rigby (04:26):


Alexander McCaig (04:27):

You can either put in the emails, you can do that manually, or you can share to Facebook as many times as you like. And for every 11 that sign up and link their Facebook account, we pay you $3.

Jason Rigby (04:36):

Now, when do I get paid?

Alexander McCaig (04:38):


Jason Rigby (04:39):


Alexander McCaig (04:40):


Jason Rigby (04:40):

And it goes-

Alexander McCaig (04:42):

Every 24 hours, that money goes right into your PayPal account.

Jason Rigby (04:45):

Into PayPal. So one thing that we need to let people know is they need to have their PayPal account [crosstalk 00:04:49].

Alexander McCaig (04:48):

Make sure it's linked up. And in order to link your PayPal account, you're going to go to your wallet.

Jason Rigby (04:53):

Yeah. This is very important. We did a video on this before, but a lot of people haven't done the wallet yet.

Alexander McCaig (04:57):

You have to do that.

Jason Rigby (04:58):

Get the TARTLE coin wallet.

Alexander McCaig (05:00):


Jason Rigby (05:00):

And get your PayPal set up.

Alexander McCaig (05:02):

Activate the TARTLE coin wallet and where it says PayPal, you'll either have a plus mark or a check mark. Plus means you need the link it and add it.

Jason Rigby (05:09):

Yes. Yeah.

Alexander McCaig (05:10):

Make sure you do that, otherwise we can't send you money.

Jason Rigby (05:12):

No, we can't send you money. We have to use PayPal.

Alexander McCaig (05:14):

All right? That's how that works.

Jason Rigby (05:15):

And you're not going to get TARTLE coin unless you have the wallet, which you need to go back, there's a video on the TARTLE coin wallet.

Alexander McCaig (05:21):

So again, Settings, Invite Friends, put in the emails, Share on Facebook 10,000 times. I want to see someone do it 10,000 times.

Jason Rigby (05:29):

That'd be awesome.

Alexander McCaig (05:30):

If somebody shares the Facebook post 10,000 times, I'll pay $10,000.

Jason Rigby (05:34):

There you go.

Alexander McCaig (05:35):

You just heard it right here. I'm not doing that. So go to wallet, make sure your PayPal is activated also. Put that in there, activate your TARTLE coin to get the TARTLE cion.

Jason Rigby (05:46):

If somebody does it a million times-

Alexander McCaig (05:46):

If somebody does it a million times, I'll pay a million dollars. No, that's not what we're doing. Listen to me. If you can get people to sign up, get your friends and family, get everybody around you to do it, it increases the value of all of our data on the Marketplace, and we'll pay you for that work you put in.

Jason Rigby (05:59):

Plus you can go around on here, do the data packets. I mean, you can get paid on the data health packet.

Alexander McCaig (06:04):

Yeah. And your data health packet-

Jason Rigby (06:05):

Number 26.

Alexander McCaig (06:06):

Listen, if you're looking for work, if you're looking for a job, make sure inviting friends and sharing to Facebook is your job when you're on the TARTLE Marketplace.

Jason Rigby (06:14):

It's perfect. So tartle.co, let's get started.

Alexander McCaig (06:17):

Let's get to it. Thank you.

Speaker 3 (06:18):

Thank you for listening to TARTLE Cast with your hosts, Alexander McCaig and Jason Rigby, where humanity steps into the future and source data defines the path. What's your data worth?