What is TARTLE?

TARTLE is the world’s first and truly global Digital Identity exchange. It is a system that brings anonymous parties together to exchange digital information for digital currency. This source information is important for creating new financial opportunities from the digital identity, establishing a means of digital rights and relinquishment when individuals agree to do so, and an access point to research and solve the worlds most difficult challenges by creating a market place for ‘source’ data.

Does it cost anything to join?

TARTLE is free to join forever. Creating an account only takes moments and you can begin selling or bidding on data as frequently as you like. The choice is yours!

Why is my account name a series of letters and numbers?

This is part privacy and part philosophical. We at TARTLE believe that names are incredibly important and can help tell the story of an individual. So important in fact that we removed them from the  system. This is a means to keep you as anonymous as possible and as a means to level the playing field. As human beings it is difficult to pass judgement on someone and just reading a name alone can put people in boxes they don’t belong in. Everyone has important thoughts, feelings, ideas, and identities so by eliminating public names, it makes the value of the digital identity as a base level – even. It shouldn’t matter what corner of this big blue jewel you are from, when every digital identity is equally as special.

What is a data packet?

A data packet is a piece of your digital identity. Source data that couldn’t be any closer to the individual than the individual themselves. Data packets are what are actively traded on the TARTLE exchange and each data packet has its own value on this open market. They come in all shapes and sizes and you can choose which pieces of data you want to fill/sell or bid on as you please, and as frequently as you choose to do so.

How do I use the TARTLE Wallet?

The TARTLE Wallet is your best friend. It is the completely secure digital wallet for buying and selling goods and services using digital currency (cryptocurrency). The wallet allows you to be your own bank! No paperwork, no monthly fees, no bank, no lines, no waste. The TARTLE Wallet is where you can deposit, withdraw, spend and transfer your digital currency for Data Packets on the exchange or goods and services anywhere in the world. A truly global means for commerce and accessibility to financial services.

Where can I buy more bitcoin?

If you would like to purchase funds for your account to bid on data packets on the exchange or use for goods and services where accepted, please visit: https://bitcoin.org/en/exchanges

How do I deposit more bitcoin into my account?

From the bitcoin exchanges here you can use your home currency to purchase digital currency from any of the bitcoin exchanges, and then deposit those funds into your TARTLE wallet by pasting the wallet address in the recipient address box.

How do I add the Web App to my home screen? (iOS & Android)

For iOS:

1 – Go to the mobile web app via your preferred mobile web browser.

2 – Select the share button [Square with the Upward Arrow] found on the bottom of your web browser screen.

3 – Select ‘Add to Home Screen’

For Android:

1 – Go to the mobile web app via your preferred mobile web browser

2 – Select ‘Menu’

3 – Select ‘Add to Home Screen’

How do I generate more value from my data?

The best way to generate more value for your data is to make sure you have your packets updated all the time with the most relevant, truthful, and precise information about your digital identity. This will ensure better stability of pricing for everyone, and help with the continuation of the exchanges value in bringing source data efficiently to the world.

Remember, the more frequently you visit the exchange, fill out new and current data packets, and accept bids for your data, the more your identity will be worth over time.

How do I sell my information?

Easy as Join – Fill – Sell! Create an account through the exchange system. Select the relevant data packets you want to fill out. Enter in the appropriate information, save the data in the packet, and wait for a notification to come in under the ‘Bids’ tab that someone is looking to purchase your data. It is that simple!

How do I bid for information?

Easy as Create – Bid – Analyze! Create an account through the buyer terminal. Make sure you fund your account by selecting the wallet icon in the top right corner of the dashboard. Then search for the data category or packet your wish to access source data on. Select ‘Make bid’. Enter your terms. Hit continue and wait for the information to come rolling in!

What the difference between a single use bid vs. a subscription bid?

We’re so glad you asked!

Single Use Bid – A single use bid is a one time bid on a specific data packet from a buyer to a seller on the exchange. The transaction begins with the bid and once accepted the agreement between buyer and seller is complete and the transaction terminates. There is no continued agreement between the buyer and seller. The seller receives the one-time compensation for their data, and the buyer receives the data packet information in a clean, ready-to-analyze .csv file format.

Subscription Use Bid – A subscription use bid functions at its core much just like a single use bid. The difference is the subscription use bid is a bid that comes with a term and frequency agreement from the bidder to the seller. This means that the bid, if accepted, will continually transfer a data packet to the buyer for a set period of time and frequency, and in return the seller receives funds for the data each period that the data is transferred within the initial agreement. Essentially multiple single use bids strung together over time. Again, the seller receives the compensation for their data, and the buyer receives the data packet information in a clean, ready-to-analyze .csv file format.

Can I suggest data categories or data packets to be created?

You bet! We don’t have all the answers, but the world does. If you would like to suggest a data category or data packet to bid or sell:

From the buyer terminal – Look in the upper left corner under the logo and you will see a “+” sign. Here is where you can suggest data categories or data packets you would like to have added on the exchange to be bid on.

From the mobile web app – Look on the Packets Tab in the top right corner. You will see “+Suggest” . Here is where you will be able to choose a data category and packet you would like to have added to the system to sell your digital identity on.

Do I have to use the VPN?

Of course not! You have every ‘right’ to use it if you want to. The VPN (Virtual Private Network) is designed to keep your internet traffic encrypted and anonymous while using TARTLE. That way any peering eyes will find it terribly difficult to steal your information in transit or pinpoint your geography while on your devices. Its an extra layer of security completely for your benefit.