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Tartle Best Data Marketplace
Tartle Best Data Marketplace
Tartle Best Data Marketplace
Tartle Best Data Marketplace
Tartle Best Data Marketplace
July 14, 2021

Earn Rewards Now. Get Paid Sooner! TARTLEcoin and TARTLE Wallet

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What is TARTLEcoin?

TARTLEcoin is a private blockchain rewards system within the TARTLE marketplace. TARTLEcoin allows individuals to earn priority of receiving bids on the marketplace as their TARTLEcoin balance accrues to a larger value than other data champions. Meaning, as the balance of TARTLEcoin in your account grows, so does the probability of receiving more bids from data buyers.

How do I earn TARTLEcoin?

Earning TARTLEcoin is easy! TARTLE designed the rewards system to give you specific payout rewards of TARTLEcoin when you complete certain actions and tasks when using TARTLE. Every time you interact with data packets, share your journey, or donate to a Big 7 cause, you earn TARTLEcoin! In the simplest terms, the more work you put in, the more you are rewarded, and the more priority you receive to earn potential income.

What else can I do with TARTLEcoin?

TARTLEcoin can be shared with others you know who are on the marketplace to help get them started on their journey. Using the email address of another TARTLE user, you may transfer TARTLEcoin from the wallet screen of the marketplace.

How do I get started using TARTLEcoin?

In order to start earning TARTLEcoin, you must first visit the link below to create a personal PIN number for your new TARTLEcoin wallet.

Wallets: https://source.tartle.co/sellers/wallets

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For those who are hard of hearing – the episode transcript can be read below:


Alexander McCaig (00:07):

Okay. New update, fresh thing here. We want to get you guys hooked up-

Jason Rigby (00:10):

Hot off the press!

Alexander McCaig (00:11):

Hot off the press. We have instituted a new change to the marketplace for your benefit. It's called TARTLEcoin. We've had many questions around people asking why they haven't got any bids for their data yet. Let's keep it simple. The more data packets you fill out, the higher the probability of someone will buy that data. The more TARTLEcoin you earn through filling out data packets, increases the probability of receiving a bid for that data you filled out, okay? So in order for you to receive TARTLEcoin, you are going to have to initiate it in your TARTLE wallet.

Jason Rigby (00:48):

And in order for you to receive funds... Some people haven't set up their PayPal account yet.

Alexander McCaig (00:55):


Jason Rigby (00:56):

You have to have your PayPal and you have to set that up.

Alexander McCaig (00:58):

Mm-hmm (affirmative).

Jason Rigby (00:58):

So if you don't have PayPal set up, then you're not going to get any money.

Alexander McCaig (01:01):

You can't get your Fiat currency.

Jason Rigby (01:03):


Alexander McCaig (01:04):

Okay? So if you want-

Jason Rigby (01:06):

Two things you need to set up.

Alexander McCaig (01:06):

Yeah. If you want your Filipino dollar, or whatever it's called, or Peso-

Jason Rigby (01:12):


Alexander McCaig (01:12):

... or U.S. dollar, or Euro, in order to receive that, you must link your PayPal account.

Jason Rigby (01:17):


Alexander McCaig (01:17):


Jason Rigby (01:18):

Because a lot of people don't have their PayPal accounts, and then they wonder why they haven't got paid.

Alexander McCaig (01:21):

All right.

Jason Rigby (01:21):

So here we go.

Alexander McCaig (01:22):

So let's do this. So on your dashboard, step one is you're going to go up to-

Jason Rigby (01:26):


Alexander McCaig (01:26):

You're going to log-in. You're going to go up to your wallet. You're going to select the wallet. Now, you're going to notice here from the wallet page, it's going to say, "0 TARTLEcoin". You cannot receive TARTLEcoin until you initiate your wallet, okay? For initiating a wallet, we will reward you with TARTLEcoin. But in order to do that, you have to click on the Create button right here. Through creating your TARTLEcoin wallet, it institutes it, allowing you to receive rewards for filling out data packets and doing other things on the marketplace.

Jason Rigby (01:57):


Alexander McCaig (01:58):


Jason Rigby (01:58):

And early adopters, all of you who are out there that are listening to this right now, you're an early adopter.

Alexander McCaig (02:02):


Jason Rigby (02:03):

So you're going to get-

Alexander McCaig (02:03):

Double the amount.

Jason Rigby (02:04):

Yeah, which is awesome. And we're going to be doing updates on this reward system, this TARTLEcoin, so you want to make sure. You want to make sure that it's extremely important that you're getting as much TARTLEcoin as you can.

Alexander McCaig (02:16):

You want maximum amount of TARTLEcoin. Through that, increases the likelihood of receiving a bid from a buyer for your data.

Jason Rigby (02:23):


Alexander McCaig (02:23):

All right. So let's do this simply, okay? You'll see the balance. There's a little tool tip icon right here. It explains simply to you as a reminder what TARTLEcoin is. We're going to create it. It's going to bring up, "create TARTLEcoin wallet". It's going to ask you to put any security pin. Remember this pin. This is your access code for the TARTLEcoin wallet. This allows you to transfer your TARTLEcoin to friends and family, or for other goods and services to other TARTLE users.

Alexander McCaig (02:50):

So if you want to buy a cup of coffee from somebody and they're willing to accept TARTLEcoin, because they're on the TARTLE marketplace, you can transfer them TARTLEcoin for that cup of coffee, for that good or service, regardless of the country you're in, okay?

Jason Rigby (03:03):

That's awesome.

Alexander McCaig (03:04):

All right. Now, so I'm going to create a pin. You got to remember your pin, okay? Now, that will allow me to transfer things and it's going to give me a confirmation, "Thank you for using TARTLEcoin." Earn TARTLEcoin by filling out data packets. Higher TARTLEcoin balance means your data packets are more likely to receive bids from buyers, paying with U.S. dollar, Euro, Bitcoin, and many other currencies.

Jason Rigby (03:30):

So this is easy. Bam, we set up the TARTLE wallet.

Alexander McCaig (03:33):


Jason Rigby (03:33):

We're done. Now, there's a part of this where they can earn extra TCOIN. And what you were telling me with this update is: and there's U.S. dollars that can be earned?

Alexander McCaig (03:43):


Jason Rigby (03:44):

Right now?

Alexander McCaig (03:44):

Right now.

Jason Rigby (03:45):

So how would I do that?

Alexander McCaig (03:46):

Okay. If you want to earn extra TARTLEcoin from filling out data packets, reading privacy policies, updating your settings, enabling enhanced security, we reward you for all of the interactions.

Jason Rigby (03:57):

Anything you do interacting right now as an early adopter, anything that you do on the TARTLE marketplace-

Alexander McCaig (04:02):

Will earn you TARTLEcoin.

Jason Rigby (04:03):

... it's going to earn you TARTLEcoin.

Alexander McCaig (04:04):


Jason Rigby (04:04):

And we'll see that in the... Does it happen automatically, or when can I come here and see?

Alexander McCaig (04:09):

The system recognizes your actions automatically.

Jason Rigby (04:11):

Mm-hmm (affirmative).

Alexander McCaig (04:12):

And then, it will pay you every day.

Jason Rigby (04:14):


Alexander McCaig (04:14):

And you will see that. And when you come back and you log-

Jason Rigby (04:16):

So you log-in the next day. You'll log-in and you'll see TARTLEcoin.

Alexander McCaig (04:20):

You'll see TARTLEcoin and you're going to hit Receive, and it will show you how much you've earned.

Jason Rigby (04:22):

Oh, perfect.

Alexander McCaig (04:22):

And the more you earn, the more priority you get.

Jason Rigby (04:24):


Alexander McCaig (04:25):

We want to make sure people are fairly compensated for their labor.

Jason Rigby (04:28):

That's awesome. So how can I earn U.S. dollars?

Alexander McCaig (04:32):

Here's the best part, right? So it was like, "It's all good getting rewards coin, but I also want to earn some money, too." Great, you're going to go into your settings and there's a thing for invite friends. We're going to click on that. Enter the email address of your friends and family. Every time you send that out to invite someone to join, you earn TARTLEcoin. If 11 of those people sign-up, we will pay you three U.S. dollars, but you have to have your PayPal account linked. Remember that. If you don't-

Jason Rigby (05:03):

So do PayPal first, then put 11 emails, so as many emails as you want.

Alexander McCaig (05:07):

As many as you want.

Jason Rigby (05:08):

Because you got to get 11 people to sign-up.

Alexander McCaig (05:09):


Jason Rigby (05:09):

If 11 people sign-up, your friends and family-

Alexander McCaig (05:11):


Jason Rigby (05:11):

... then you're going to get three U.S. dollars put into your PayPal account.

Alexander McCaig (05:15):

And you can do this multiple times, over and over and over again. That sounds awesome.

Jason Rigby (05:20):


Alexander McCaig (05:20):

So if you want to get priority for your data and you want to get money today, you need to invite your friends and family. It costs you nothing to invite them. It's a little bit of time and it has a larger payback for you.

Jason Rigby (05:31):

Yeah, that seems awesome.

Alexander McCaig (05:33):

Doesn't that sound fantastic?

Jason Rigby (05:34):

Yeah. I'm ready to earn.

Alexander McCaig (05:35):

So all you got to do is put that in here and you are ready to earn.

Recording (05:46):

Thank you for listening to TARTLE Cast with your hosts, Alexander McCaig and Jason Rigby, where humanity steps into the future and the source data defines the path. What's your data worth?