What is it that makes TARTLE different? What is it that separates us from every other data gathering technology company? We remember that behind every interaction, behind every point of data is another human being. What makes TARTLE possible isn’t the hardware, the code, the blockchain, the brand, or any of that. It’s the people. The people that make all the machines and the software and also everyone who chooses to join the TARTLE community.

This extends to our vision, to how TARTLE is structured and even to our marketing. We want you to make a fully informed choice to join us and likewise, once you have joined us, make the same kind of choices on when to share your data and with whom. Unlike Hollywood, Madison Avenue, and Silicon Valley, we aren’t trying to manipulate you with clever marketing gimmicks like bass heavy music, quickly edited commercials, or buying likes and retweets. Instead, we treat the members of our community like sovereign human beings, capable of making up their own minds without anyone leading them to one or another decision. That’s why we lay out all the details of how TARTLE works up front. That’s why we do TARTLEcast and maintain this blog. It gives us the chance to be completely transparent, not just letting people know how TARTLE works, but our thinking behind it, about why we want it to work a certain way. We don’t want to manipulate you with dopamine hits, we want you to know what you are signing up for.

That human focus doesn’t stop with the marketing either. We build on that through our structure. When you sign up with TARTLE, you don’t get strung along with a bunch of silly meters, showing you how much of a member of the community you are or are not. You get to delve as deep as you would like and you aren’t going to get badgered about it. Naturally, we try to incentive greater participation. Why? Because that’s when you get rewarded, by sharing you data. Again, that incentive doesn’t come from browbeating you, it comes in the form of actual rewards. What do I mean by actual rewards? You share your data, you get paid for that in bitcoin. We don’t string you along, doing something like encouraging you to watch 50 videos so you can get one credit for a three dollar Amazon gift card that costs 500 of those credits. Nope, sell your data once, you get rewarded, sell it again, and you are rewarded again. It’s as simple as that.

We’ve spoken a lot about our vision at TARTLE. We’re trying to put individuals back in charge of their information and their lives. Right now, companies around the world are taking the data that you generate and using it to manipulate you. To change what you buy and where you buy it, even to shape your opinions and your basic beliefs about the world. We believe that is wrong and that you deserve to be free of the influence of these companies that are using your own information that they get for free as a tool to take advantage of you. By being part of TARTLE you are stepping outside of this system and weakening the corporate and governmental behemoths that are currently controlling far too much.

It doesn’t stop there. Many of our partners are trying to improve the lives of people around the world. When you sell your health data with TARTLE you are selling to a company that might be working on new, more effective and cheaper cancer treatments. You might be helping track a disease as it spreads around the globe. Your own health may even be directly affected as when enough data is analyzed, health trends can be identified, trends that could lead to a heart attack for example. The possible ramifications for health benefits through TARTLE are practically limitless.

You may also find yourself an agent of cultural change. Your data can be sold to track certain trends going on in the world as well as to help determine the effectiveness of different kinds of messaging. In that way, by selling data through TARTLE you can participate in cultural reforms that will benefit generations to come.

By focusing on the person behind the data, TARTLE believes in building a culture of trust and mutual benefit. That benefit will not just be for us, and not even just for you, but for the whole world.

What’s your data worth?