It has already been a wild and crazy year, hasn’t it? The biggest ongoing story in the world has been the COVID-19 pandemic. People have been told not to leave their homes unless absolutely necessary, leaving millions without jobs to go to. There have been scores of other related problems as well, both due to the pandemic directly and stemming from the various responses to it. And while we lament the circumstances, it has also created a unique opportunity for TARTLE. 

As we have shared before, TARTLE anticipates that one of the areas that our system can really shine is in the medical field. With our unique, completely user controlled data sharing system we can provide in-depth medical data far beyond what is typically available. That data can help healthcare professionals to determine the effects of a given disease, how quickly it spreads, and how best to treat it. The COVID-19 pandemic has provided us with the chance to help gather a wealth of data with the cooperation of our users. TARTLE already has users in 22 countries, giving us the chance to reach across national lines and geographic boundaries to achieve a truly global data set, something that is not achievable by any national organization. 

Reaching large numbers of people was also made harder by the pandemic. With all of the fear, lack of trust and the various stay at home orders, getting good information from anyone who wasn’t already going to the hospital was going to be difficult. And a sample made entirely of people going to the hospital will naturally skew the results. Fortunately, TARTLE is able to overcome those kinds of hurdles as well. Because our users already trust us and know that they can choose to respond or not, they are not as hindered by fear. There is also the obvious fact that we are going through the internet, making it easy to get around the other obstacles presented by COVID. With this in mind, we created a survey to gather data on things like how much people travel, how often people visit their doctor and more. 

As a bonus, we don’t even have to try to scare anyone into responding, we can do it through completely positive means. How? By making sure that you get paid for your data. In that regard we also have recently finalized our partnership with Greenlight Health Services. Users now have the option under the ‘Integrations’ menu to integrate their data with Greenlight. In doing so, users (and of course Greenlight) will have access to every single electronic medical record that is under your name. If you so choose that is. This is actually the first time ever that people can not only electronically access their medical information but monetize it as well. 

That’s our biggest update we have to report. Another is that we have completely redone our website. It is now much easier to get signed up with TARTLE and get familiar with our system. Users can now get notifications on system updates, newly available integrations, and monetize your data faster and easier than ever before. Not only that, we’ll be able to let you know what data is selling for how much at a given time, allowing you to maximize how much you are getting for your data. We’ll be able to send users push notifications right in their browser. In short, we’ve made it considerably easier for users to sign up, learn and navigate TARTLE. Our website now has all the functionality of a mobile app without you having to download a separate app onto your phone and then later worry about having to download updates when you want to quickly check your notifications. It’s just one more step in helping people take ownership of their data and digital identity. 

TARTLE is moving closer and closer to leading a new digital revolution centered not around companies and social media but around the individual, putting people back in control of their information and being able to get direct benefit from sharing it with others. We took advantage of the COVID-19 crisis to develop a test case for just how well TARTLE’s system can be used to benefit not only our users but people around the world. We also took the time to redo our website, making it much more user friendly so that anyone who understands how to use the internet can sign up and become a part of the new digital world we are building. 

What’s your data worth?