Throughout human history, we have repeatedly found value in unexpected things. Once a given substance (say oil or gold) is recognized as valuable, its value increases as more uses are discovered for it. It’s also true that the more the individual can benefit from the value of a given resource, the more it increases in value. When brought down to the individual level, the amount of uses for the given resource also increases, which makes its value larger and larger. 

In the modern world, data – your data – is the new oil. Companies spend millions to collect your data and make millions more selling it and using it to direct their business. TARTLE is committed to bringing control of that resource back down to the individual level and letting you benefit from it. But how exactly does that work?

When you sign up for TARTLE, you integrate it with as many different social media platforms and however many other of the available platforms you would like. You then input as much data as you are willing to share with others, creating your own data packets. These can be as general or as specific as you would like, going from generic information like your age, weight and other basic information, to photographs and how you feel about the last restaurant you went to. The choice is entirely your own. 

How do you monetize it? This is the best part, all you have to do is wait for a bid to come in. If you have the option selected, you’ll get a push notification letting you know that there is a bid on one of your data packets and how much the buyer is willing to pay. You then choose to accept or reject the bid. 

Think about that. You actually have control over what goes out into the world about you. This is a far better situation than what most people currently experience. Take a smart watch as an example. These modern engineering marvels record your blood pressure, heart rate, activity level, location and who knows what else. Not only do they record it, they send it off to the parent company who then both uses it for their own ends and sells it to others. All without letting you know what is being shared and with whom and without you directly benefiting in the slightest.

TARTLE actually benefits companies as well. Currently, all of these businesses need to scour the internet for your data or buy your data packets from other places. TARTLE makes it possible for businesses to skip all the middlemen and go directly to you, the source of the data. That means that while you are directly benefiting financially from selling your data, the companies buying it also save money. They also have the opportunity to get more and better data by going directly to the individual. Currently, they are taking various different data packets from disparate sources and using them to build a complete picture of the individual behind the data. TARTLE can take the guesswork out of that process by allowing the company to ask more specific questions and so eliminate the guesswork. 

What about businesses though? How do they go about buying data within the TARTLE system? Just like with individual users, a business signs in with an idea of the kind of data they are looking for. The business, an insurance company for example, might be looking for data on exercise habits. They will then select the relevant data packets, in this case it would contain information like how often people go to the gym, run, hike, etc. They also select the populace they want data from, old, young, men, women, whatever they might be looking for. The insurance company then sends out the request and waits for a response from the individual users. 

With such an easy and simple system to use, TARTLE is looking to revolutionize the world of data aggregation and sharing. With companies able to save while getting more high quality data for their own systems, and individuals benefiting from the sale of their data, the competition and innovation that will arise is sure to open up horizons that we have not even considered yet.

What’s your data worth?