Health Packet 20 [ Coronavirus (COVID-19) Survey ] 


After a 3 week, double purchase study using the TARTLE global data marketplace, we have found a series of likelihoods, correlations and cross-correlations from our acquired data regarding individuals and their interaction/non-interaction with COVID-19 (Coronavirus). This study was completed internationally on March 24, 2020.


Our findings are such: 


Major Findings

9.09% of the population studied carried symptoms of COVID-19, with the most prominent symptom being a persistent cough. Symptomatic individuals were not dissuaded from any future travels plans. Even with the onset of symptoms, the symptomatic populace had not seen a doctor for a confirmation or disconfirmation of the virus. Furthermore the time since last doctor visit was 2.03x longer than all other non-symptomatic respondents. The most likely profile of an individual to display symptoms of the virus are male, mid 20’s, international traveler on a non-plant based diet,and a disposition to not be seen by a physician for over a years time or receive any testing for the virus, and typically do not have children in their household. 



Outside of the symptomatic respondents we have found that individuals were informed about COVID-19 though media sources more often than word of mouth. Symptomatic or not, none of the respondents to the study willingly have chosen to go to a testing facility for confirmation or disconfirmation of the virus. This could possibly be a function of limiting exposure and state/federal regulation on best practices during time of outbreak, even if those respondents had been on an airplane in the past 60 days or completed any domestic travel.



A finding of particular interest is individuals on a plant based diet, regardless of sex; exhibited no symptoms of the virus, and carried the longest average of time since seeing a physician at 293 days, which is 1.48x greater than the average, and 1.77x greater than non-plant based diets. This could allude to a predisposition towards a personal view of overall health not warranting a doctor’s visit from the perspective of a plant-based individual.


Physician Visits

Respondents with children were more likely to visit a doctors office every 2 months, which is 3.15x more often than individuals without children.



Information published by TARTLE does not condone finality of outcomes for all peoples even if they fit probabilistic profiles of symptomatic individuals. This information and findings are open for interpretation and discussion to help in the awareness of the COVID-19 viral outbreak, and helping prevent its spread across the globe.


What is TARTLE?

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Biological Sex Split 50% Male | 50% Female
Symptomatic Population 9.09%
Gender with highest # of symptoms Male
Most prominent Symptom Cough
% of people who know someone with virus 0.00%
% planning to travel 33.33%
% not traveling because of virus 66.67%
Awareness/knowledge of Virus 100.00%
First heard – Media 83.33%
First heard – Word of mouth 16.67%
Age Range (Years) 22-65
Average Age (Years) 33.00
Median Age (Years) 36.00
National Respondents 83.33%
International Respondents 16.67%
International Travelers 16.67%
Median time since last doctors visit (days) 99.50
Average time since last doctors visit (days) 197.00
Airplane Travelers last 60 days (Domestic) 16.67%
Airplane Travelers last 60 days (International) 16.67%
Non-airline Travelers last 60 days 66.67%
Plant Based Diet 25.00%
Non-Plant Based Diet 75.00%
Median # of children in household 0.00
Average # of children in household 0.50
Travel plans affected 75.00%
Travel plans not affected 25.00%