To have a twin is to have a precisely matched genetic identity (some wiggle room). Yet, it can stretch beyond the physical characteristics and habits and more likely than not having a twin leads to unspoken empathic responses. Sometimes to possibly share thoughts precognitively, feel the emotion when separated from the other half, or sense when another is in danger.

Today, tech aficionados and ‘specialists’ in their respective fields have amassed quite an arsenal of terms to ‘animate’ or ‘give life to’ lifeless information. Information or big data has defined tens of millions of users and their habits across the internet to determine their digital twin. Only to have it then back propagated, results analyzed and money spent on ideas with a foundation that lacks the full picture.

This is where the Doppelganger comes into the picture (no pun intended). A Doppelganger is a ‘look alike’ not an exact genetic match. It’s your other self with it’s own personality somewhere on this quite large but all too small planet we share. If you ever are graced with the chance of coming face to face with this long lost self, you would realize that this other half has different tastes, emotions, triggers, preferences and a complete lack of shared identity that miraculously bridges space and time that true twins share.

It’s safe to say at this point then that what we have so ill-defined and adopted as the nomenclature for people’s data is just inaccurate. For industries that pride themselves on speed, accuracy, and getting there first have only found themselves claiming victor while only having half the picture. With this false identity their models and decisions determine the guiding principles and choices for the future of industry with only half the data. In my personal opinion, the lesser half of the two. This would be akin to running a marathon with one lung, or trying to swim across the English channel without ever being taught how to swim. Odds are against you. Just equate it up to throwing out 50% of your decisions going in your favor or 50% of your profits out the window.

So how would we remedy our rigid models, our finite thinking, our modes of data collection that we wrongly classified as a digital twin? Where is the white knight with the sword of Excalibur to right what was been for far too long, wronged?

Lucky for the world the ability for a true digital twin; an exact replica of flesh and bones in animated form, is now possible. By adopting the other 50% that makes a human being human (emotion/perspective/ego/spirit/etc), we remedy our false ways and come in contact with our true digital twin. This data or as I say Source Data is the future’s white knight. The golden ticket. The winning lottery number that everyone can now have. Source Data is data defined by the perspective, emotion, and choice of the individual who creates it. A real identity in electronic medium.

For so long, specialists completely overlooked the real meaning of identity as the bullet train of Big Data derailed itself from reality and blew by the simple and quite obvious answer to all of our problems. Now is everyone’s chance-opportunity to enter a world where zero sum is history and a model finally encompasses reality, because last I checked nature doesn’t do math equations. Its unpredictable and chaotic. It’s time to embrace those real defining features of nature and our selves to find our digital twin who has been here all along. We were just asking the wrong questions. Source Data is the future, and the key to solving all of our most difficult questions.

Face the facts and go back to the Source. Go to TARTLE.